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Larry L. Lewis, Jr. Personal Section:
Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

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The links below will take you to my areas of interest regarding physical fitness.
My views about physical fitness have changed over the years. As a young boy, I was always fascinated by power and high impact sports such as weightlifting, wrestling, and running. In my late teens, I began my journey into the Martial Arts.
In my mid 20s, I allowed “life” to get in the way of my quest for physical fitness, and it took a number of years to reverse this unfortunate decision. I now have a very balanced approach to “strength training” and “cardiovascular conditioning”.
I am able to achieve my fitness goals through weight training, stretching, calisthenics, running, and elliptical bicycling, as well as the avid study of two diverse Martial Arts.
Lastly, I’m discovering that as I grow older good nutrition not only gives me the results that I work so hard for, but it just makes me feel good both mentally and spiritually. I liken the body to an automobile. What if you only had one car that you had access to for your entire life? How would you treat that car, and what types of gasoline or oil would you put into it?
We only have one body given to us here on this earth and, while I’ve been known to “indulge” in one way or another from time to time, I plan to get the best mileage out of this here physique that I possibly can!
To visit the gym to which I belong online, and pick up some fitness tips along the way, please visit
To learn about my Martial Arts Journey, click on "Larry's Martial Arts Journey", either here, or above.

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