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Companies Represented By Flying Blind, LLC

The following links will bring you to the homepages of the those companies currently represented by Flying Blind, LLC, or that have been have been represented by Flying Blind, LLC in past collaborative efforts.
Check back frequently to review the growing list of companies that Flying Blind, LLC endeavors to assist with the development and promotion of technologies and solutions that really matter to those of us who are blind and vision-impaired.

American Foundation for the Blind Logo

American Foundation for the Blind
This organization provides a very rich and deep resource for a variety of information pertaining to visual impairments.
Flying Blind, LLC is both humbled and honored to have been a guest contributor to AFB's AccessWorld publication on multiple occasions.

Harpo Logo

Aroga Technologies
Flying Blind, LLC has assisted Aroga Technologies, BraillePen master distributor for North America, and Harpo, the manufacturer of this product line, in a national sales and marketing campaign aimed at expanding the reach of this innovative approach to refreshable Braille access.

BrailleWorks Logo

This organization prides itself in the production of high quality Braille output for companies, organizations, and institutions wishing to have materials made accessible for those of us who are blind.
Contact Flying Blind, LLC to assist you in interfacing with this organization in order that your print access needs may be met in a timely and responsive manner.

California State University Northridge Logo

California State University Northridge Center on Disabilities
Serving as an International resource of information for persons who are disabled for California State University Northridge, its surrounding communities, and service professionals throughout the Adaptive Technology Industry.

CodeFactory Logo

The leading global developer of adaptive mobile software for persons who are vision impaired, this company has made a life-changing difference in the lives of its customers.

G&B Solutions, Inc. Logo

G&B Solutions, Inc.
This fully-loaded, one-stop shop for all of your IT needs provides technical evaluations, product training, product deployment, onsite technical support, and help desk support for thousands of professionals who are blind as well as their employers. Flying Blind, LLC is especially excited to be partnering with G&B on some exciting business development efforts over the coming months.

Hadley School For The Blind Logo

Hadley School For The Blind
Setting the standard for distance learning, Hadley School For The Blind enables both persons who are blind, and their sighted family members, the opportunity to receive quality Braille instruction through the vehicle of "distance learning".
Browse their website to discover other classes offered by Hadley School For The Blind.
Flying Blind, LLC is proud to have developed four specific technology-related courses for this institution, which has set the standard for distance learning within the Adaptive Technology Industry.

Harpo Logo

Harpo Technologies
Harpo, a Polish-based manufacturer of devices designed to promote Braille literacy, also plays a fundamental role in the development of the literacy skills necessary to access these technologies.
Flying Blind, LLC has assisted Aroga Technologies, BraillePen master distributor for North America, and Harpo, the manufacturer of this product line, in a national sales and marketing campaign aimed at expanding the reach of this innovative approach to refreshable Braille access.

Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Logo.

Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd.
This think tank is a web development company, graphic design firm, and marketing and IT consulting firm all rolled into one. Their dedication to quality of service and innovative approach to marketing and business development are second to none. Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. currently administrates the technical specifics behind each of Flying Blind, LLC's marketing initiatives.

National Braille Press Logo

National Braille Press
The leader of publishing National Braille Press provides Braille content in a variety of formats with the intent of promoting Braille literacy for both its blind beneficiaries and their sighted family and friends.

Optelec Tieman Group Logo

Optelec Holding
Optelec Holding is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Refreshable Braille Technology as well as electronic, portable and desktop, low-vision aids.

Povidi Logo

Povidi, a New Zealand-based R&D Firm, is the creator of �SoundPost�, an Orientation Device for persons who are blind. Flying Blind is committed to assisting Povidi in bringing this life-changing technology to market in 2009.

Serotek Corporation Logo

Serotek Corporation

(Home of FreedomBox)
This innovative company is also founded and captained by a blind entrepreneur, Mr. Mike Calvo.
Serotek�s "System Access" product enables a vision-impaired PC user to download this product onto any U3 USB Drive; when the user plugs this drive into any computer, the System Access Screen Reader is launched making the PC accessible to the end user.
Serotek�s "Remote Incident Management" Utility enables vision-impaired technical support staff with the ability to access a PC remotely and troubleshoot a specific problem. It�s also an emerging tool for service providers to provide remote training services to vision-impaired consumers.

Software Express Logo

Software Express
Software Express, A Subsidiary of Dolphin Computer Access, are the Developers of the Guide and Guide Hands-Free productivity tools.

 Advantages Of Doing Business With Flying Blind, LLC

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The following are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by clients who currently collaborate with Flying Blind, LLC:
Small, Flying Blind, LLC Logo Icon Used As A Bullet Over fifteen years of professional experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors of the Adaptive Technology Industry.
Bullet Company Founder has been a user of Adaptive Technologies since their birth in the late 1970s.
Bullet Exceptional product management and project management expertise for creating new business development initiatives.
Bullet Precise and objective evaluation and optimization of current business model.
Bullet Incomparable ability to identify and efficiently service specific market segments through appropriate product and service positioning and placement.
Bullet Company motives are driven strictly through success-oriented solutions.
Bullet An unwavering commitment to removing barriers imposed by mainstream technologies within educational, vocational, community, and residential settings by implementing the necessary strategies and adaptations to access these technologies.

 Larry L. Lewis, Jr., Founder, Flying Blind, LLC, Resume

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Photo of Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. smiling, with a beautiful blue sky in the background of the photo.
Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
(216) 276-0699
955 Pembrook Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121
To proactively launch a dynamic start-up LLC in a leadership, profit-driven capacity utilizing my professional experiences including, but not limited to, teaching, project management, sales, and marketing.
September 2007 - Present: Incentive Selections
Managing Partner - Sales and Marketing
Responsible for tweaking current practices and implementing additional strategies to grow Incentive Selections� clientele and revenues. Drives overall sales and marketing of Incentive Selections� rewards-based custom platforms. Strengthens existing relationships with Incentive Selections� customers, and develops new avenues for revenue growth and strategic partnerships with cutting edge organizations throughout various industries.
May 2006 - Present: Flying Blind, LLC
Founder and President
Founded my own Limited Liability Corporation. Evaluates current sales and marketing plans for non-profit agencies and for-profit corporations. Consults with companies developing emerging adaptive technologies with the end goal of enabling these companies to realize the commercial value of their development efforts. Provides sales, marketing, and product management services to leading Adaptive Technology companies ensuring that their projected revenues are met and surpassed. Conducts formal product demonstrations and presentations for National Venues. Conducts reseller training on the utilization and positioning of various adaptive technologies in the marketplace. Resells various adaptive technologies to consumers on an informal basis. Explores and creates business development opportunities for service organizations to expand the scope of their current services into untapped, fertile markets. A list of Flying Blind, LLC's contractual arrangements with other organizations are available upon request.
February 2004 - November 2006: Optelec, Inc. (U.S.)
Vice President, Blindness Products Division
Established a complete product portfolio serving education, rehabilitation, and consumer market segments. Created and nurtured international distribution relationships with third party suppliers to distribute products which compliment the sales of "flagship" products that Optelec manufactures. Hired staff to support the marketing, sales, and product management efforts of this product portfolio. Developed a focused distribution network to introduce these products into a market dominated by two entrenched competitors. Created sales quotas for regional sales employees and independent resellers, and monitored the adherence to these quotas. Demonstrated the ability to successfully close Federal contracts while faced with adverse, competitive conditions. Position required extensive domestic and limited international travel.
April 2003 - January 2004: Pulse Data HumanWare Inc.
Vice President, Blindness Sales
Oversaw Pulse Data HumanWare's Sales and distribution network for North American blindness sales. Created sales budget for Pulse Data HumanWare's Blindness Division. Established and monitored product sales quotas for regional sales employees and Pulse Data HumanWare's authorized resellers. Monitored year to date progress of sales in relation to budget expectations, and made appropriate adjustments. Managed and supervised a team of eight regional sales managers and three technical support/training staff.
Assisted Pulse Data HumanWare's Marketing Team in the creation and distribution of targeted product brochures, mailings, and online initiatives. Demonstrated an in-depth understanding of how to successfully sell and distribute specialized products within a competitive, ever-changing, low incident market in an ethical and responsive manner. Position required extensive North American travel.
January 2002 - March 2003: Pulse Data International, Ltd.
Product Marketing Manager
Responsible for managing the lifespan of the BrailleNote Family Of Portable Data Assistants manufactured by Pulse Data International. Liaisoned with Pulse Data's Development, Marketing, and Production staff to prioritize collaborative development efforts. Utilized the necessary resources to conduct successful, international product launches. Facilitated market driven communication efforts between Pulse Data International's subsidiaries and Pulse Data International. Participated in the strategic development and implementation of competitive sales and marketing initiatives conducted by Pulse Data's subsidiaries. Investigated new product opportunities and potentially synergistic partnerships with other companies that manufacture adaptive technologies. Provided direction for future Pulse Data development efforts. Created and disseminated the necessary documentation to seek funding approval for Development projects from Pulse Data's Product Steering Team and Board of Directors. Extensive international travel experience.
March 1999 - January 2002: HumanWare, Inc.
Blindness Products Manager
Communicated with HumanWare's international suppliers to continually improve the overall quality, performance, and product availability for HumanWare products throughout North America. Provided the necessary field support, training, and demonstration equipment for HumanWare products to HumanWare's sales and distribution networks. Responsible for signing up new HumanWare distributors, negotiating their contracts, and measuring the performance of current HumanWare distributors. Shaped the direction for HumanWare's Technical Support Department. Acted as a liaison between HumanWare home office staff and the North American market. Monitored and participated in a variety of technology-related listservs. Extensive domestic and limited international travel experience.
October 1997 - March 1999: Cleveland Sight Center
Adaptive Computer Access Specialist
Conducted extensive adaptive technology evaluations for consumers emphasizing the usage of various speech and large print screen readers, adaptive scanning software/hardware, refreshable Braille terminals, and various notetakers. Developed Initialized Training Plans for consumers based on recommendations derived from previous evaluations. Provided a comprehensive adaptive technology training service for consumers. Wrote reports for consumers' files which outlined consumer results following training.
September 1996 - September 1997: Cleveland Sight Center
Occupational Skills Training Coordinator
Assessed consumers' abilities to use a PC with appropriate adaptations as an employment tool. Developed Initialized Training Plans which outlined objectives and results of consumers' Occupational Skills Training Program.
Provided extensive remedial PC instructions to consumers emphasizing fundamental skill building activities using a computer with adaptive speech and large print modifications. Wrote extensive reports for consumers' files which outlined the results of their training. Constructed and implemented a comprehensive curriculum for this program.
May 1994 - August 1996: Cleveland Sight Center
Rehabilitation Specialist
Provided extensive adaptive daily living / adaptive communications evaluations for consumers in Cleveland Sight Center's Personal Adjustment Training Program. Developed Initialized Training Plans based on these evaluations. Provided extensive rehabilitation to these consumers. Wrote reports for consumers' files which outlined their results at the conclusion of their Personal Adjustment Training Program. Developed a comprehensive curriculum for Cleveland Sight Center's Personal Adjustment Training Program.
August 1992 - December 1993: Northern Illinois University
Graduate Assistant in Special Education Department
Tutored post secondary Grade II Braille courses at Northern Illinois University. Instructed students on the usage of various adaptive technology hardware / software applications. Provided minimal clerical support to post graduate staff.
August 1993 - December 1993:
Greater Detroit Society For The Blind
Internship in rehabilitation teaching of the adult blind.
June 1993 - August 1993:
Practicum with the Chicago Public School System working with visually impaired 16-20 year old youths.
1992 - 1993:
Northern Illinois University
MS, Special Education
1991 - 1992:
Northern Illinois University
MA, Literature
1988 - 1991:
Wheaton College
BA, Literature
July 2004 - Present:
Member of the National Federation of the Blind
January 1996 - January 1997:
Member of the American Council of the Blind (ACB)
September 1994 - May 1996:
Member of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)
September 1992 - August 1993:
Member of the Presidential Commission for Persons with Disabilities
1990 & 1991:
Received Wayne Wray Award
Long term goals Include teaching at the collegiate level, as well as building a nationally acclaimed organization serving as a Chief Executive Officer that fuels an organization sharing the same values and work ethic outlined in this resume.
Available upon request.

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