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About Flying Blind, LLC

Flying Blind, LLC Logo. The black silhouettes of two birds, wings crossed in the center, sit between six red, individual dots which together form a complete braille cell. The company name, Flying Blind, LLC, rests below the image in bold black letters. Founded in May of 2006, Flying Blind. LLC is a US-Based (Ohio) Limited Liability Company whose mission is to empower persons who are vision impaired with the necessary Adaptive Technology Solutions to make them independent and efficient in unlimited capacities.
Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr., has over fifteen years of practical experience serving the Adaptive Technology Industry in a variety of capacities which include domestic and international product management and sales management roles with companies that have rich histories in developing speech and Braille solutions for the Adaptive Technology Industry.
Mr. Lewis is congenitally blind and attributes his successes to Braille literacy, which has enabled him to develop the skill sets necessary to start his own company, a boyhood dream which finally became a reality in May of 2006. To learn more about Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr., click here to visit Mr. Lewis's personal section.
So, what’s in the name?
The name Flying Blind (LLC) was borne out of a tragedy which occurred on August 7th of 2005.
On that fateful day the world lost a pioneer in the Adaptive Technology Industry, one Dr. Russell Smith. Along with having a brilliant mind for developing innovative solutions for persons who are vision impaired, Dr. Smith was also an avid flyer.
While flying home from a business trip with his partner of over twenty years, Russell lost control of his small plane which consequently crashed. There were no survivors.
Russell was “Flying Blind” and died enjoying one of his greatest passions, flying.
In fact, Russell was “Flying Blind” for much of his career. He experienced both successes and failures, but nothing could contain his passion, his drive, his will to succeed, and above all, his desire to fly.
So it is that the name "Flying Blind" allows its founder to pay tribute to a man who left an indelible mark on many of us, and who made a most profound impact on the career and life of its founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
Click here to read Mr. Larry Lewis's tribute to Dr. Russell Smith.
Click here to read more about the death of Dr. Russell Smith.
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr., Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC

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