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Welcome to Flying Blind, LLC

This Week's Featured Advertisement

Photo of the BraillePen 12 Touch - $895.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store BraillePen Touch Back-To-School Special - Only $895.00 USD !!! More Affordable Braille For Everyone!!!

The BraillePen Touch Back-To-School Special for $895.00 USD is where simplicity meets reliability, and until September 30th 2014 we're pleased to offer you this pocket-sized powerhouse for $100.00 USD off of its suggested list price. Throw in free shipping, which we do for our continental US customers, and you save approximately $130.00 USD when you order the most affordable Braille display on the market to date before September 30th 2014!

This wireless 12-cell input / output device is the perfect companion for Braille users of tablets and mobile phones, offering a most creative method for cursor routing; slide your finger up the desired Braille cell, and either route your cursor within an edit field or simulate a double tap on your preferred touch screen device! Issue Braille commands and enter text in your preferred Grade of Braille to a mainstream, touch screen device at a price hundreds of dollars less than bulkier, less rugged alternatives.

Use the BraillePen's clipboard as a stand-alone option to take a quick note, and effortlessly copy this text to an edit field using your favorite mobile application. Take advantage of the exceptional refreshable Braille enhancements within the just released iOS 8 operating system for i-devices, a giant step forward for those of us who rely on Braille! It's the most portable and affordable, wireless, refreshable Braille solution on the market to date! Use the Buy Now link below to purchase one or more of these units today at this unbelievably low price! For more information about the BraillePen Touch, or to place your order offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today!

Add to Cart - BraillePen 12 Touch - $895.00 USD Each - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

Photo of the Focus 40 Blue Refreshable Braille Display for $2,195.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store.

One Practically New Focus 40 Blue Refreshable Braille Display for $2,195.00 USD

Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer one fortunate user a gently used Focus 40 Blue Refreshable Braille Display manufactured by Freedom Scientific. This unit has just under a year left on its manufacturer's warranty, and is in fantastic shape! This is a fantastic solution for JAWS users also wishing to access tablets and smartphones. This Focus is just waiting to be given a new home with a responsible user who is looking for an amazing bargain on a responsive display which touts both versatility and efficiency. Price includes shipping within the 48 Continental United States, giving you close to a 25% discount off its standard list price. This is a single unit that will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. To be the first to secure this Focus as a key player in your AdapTech journey, please use the Buy Now link included below. For more information, or to order this product offline, email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today!

Price: $2,195.00 USD

Add to Cart - One Practically New Focus 40 Blue Refreshable Braille Display for $2,195.00 USD - Flying Blind, LLC Online Store

TypeAbility: Keyboard Instruction Software for JAWS and Magic

Photo of Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC demonstrating TypeAbility: Keyboard Instruction Software for JAWS and Magic. Click to view this demonstration on YouTube now. TypeAbility is a program that teaches the entire computer keyboard in 99 user-friendly lessons to aspiring computer keyboard users of all ages!

By the end of the lessons, the student will have mastered all of the letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as navigation and editing within dialog boxes and text documents. TypeAbility is great fun for all ages and is a fantastic asset for any school, rehabilitation training center, or for itinerant teachers who provide adaptive computer training. It's also a great teaching tool for individuals wishing to improve their typing skills!

TypeAbility 4.1 for JAWS, is compatible with JAWS 8 and higher. Conveniently, you can use either a full version of JAWS, or the free JAWS demo. TypeAbility is also compatible with the screen magnification program MAGic. With MAGic, the partially sighted can not only listen to, but also see their typing lessons. TypeAbility for MAGic can be installed into MAGic 10.5 or MAGic 11. In that case, JAWS is not needed, because MAGic will provide both speech and magnification.

Learning how to launch, run, choose lessons and tasks, and how to close TypeAbility is very simple. After a few lessons with an assistant, a blind non-typing child will be able to use the program independently. TypeAbility is fun and appropriate for students of all ages. There are User Preferences that allow TypeAbility to conform to each student's needs. However, there are not such a bewildering number of complex options that learning how to use TypeAbility would be a mystery or chore. It's a cinch!

Though TypeAbility is very simple to use, it is both the most advanced typing program for the blind on the market, and also the most fun to use. TypeAbility offers support for one-handed typists and can be run on computers connected to a network.


For an in-depth demonstration of this teaching tool in action visit the following link to watch and/or listen to Larry Lewis provide a comprehensive tour of TypeAbility:

TypeAbility Downloads:

So why not take TypeAbility for a test drive? Download either TypeAbility for JAWS or TypeAbility for Magic using the links below, use the software up to 15 times and decide for yourself how useful it will be for you, your peers, and your consumers!

To Download TypeAbility 4.2.7 for JAWS, click this link. 15 free openings:

To Download TypeAbility 4.2.6 for MAGic, click this link. 15 free openings:

Documentation & Videos:

To download instructions for installing TypeAbility 4.1, click this link:

To download TypeAbility Help, click this link:

To Download TypeAbility Quick Hotkey Help, click this link: QuickTypeAbilityHotkeyHelp.rtf

To watch or listen to Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC demonstrate TypeAbility on YouTube, click this link:


TypeAbility: Full Version

Single Installation: $150.00 USD
5 Site License: $400.00 USD
10 Site License: $600.00 USD
20 Site License: $775.00 USD
30 Site License: $925.00 USD
40 Site License: $1,025.00 USD

TypeAbility: Upgrade from Version 2 or 3.3 to Current Version

Single Installation: $50.00 USD
5 Site License: $200.00 USD
10 Site License: $300.00 USD
20 Site License: $385.00 USD
30 Site License: $460.00 USD
40 Site License: $510.00 USD


To Purchase TypeAbility, simply make your selections from either the Full Version (1) or Upgrade (2) tiers included below:

(1) TypeAbility: Full Version

Select Your License:
Select Your Screen Reader:
Enter Your JAWS/Magic Serial:
Enter Your Email Address:

(2) TypeAbility: Upgrade from Version 2 or 3.3 to Current Version
Select Your License:
Select Your Screen Reader:
Enter Your JAWS/Magic Serial:
Enter Your Email Address:

We Invite You to Join the 2014 Flying Blind, LLC Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI)

Photo of a female hand interacting with the touch interface of an Apple iPad. If you are an educator of vision impaired students or a professional who makes decisions regarding the technological journey of a vision impaired student, then the Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) is for you.

Are you excited about receiving iPads for your students but not sure what access features are available to ensure your students are independent, efficient, and on an equal playing field with their sighted peers? Would you like to know which iOS apps can make your students more proficient in a post-secondary education or competitive job market?

The Flying Blind, LLC AAI Professional Development Seminar can provide you with all of this, and much more. This Professional Development Seminar was designed for educators who have either received or are receiving portable iOS devices such as iPads, iPods, or iPhones which are to be used by their students.

The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) Professional Development Seminar will:

  • Introduce you to all of the built-in low vision options available within these devices.

  • Unveil the robust screenreading access for speech users integrated into these devices.

  • Screen shot of the Apple iPad at Settings / General / Accessibility.

    Photo of the Apple iPad with Voiceover call outs assisting its user with various tasks.

  • Showcase QWERTY on-screen and wireless keyboard options for navigation and data entry.

  • Illustrate how refreshable Braille I/O transforms these devices into a "Portable Information Management System".

  • Photo of an Apple iPad connected to a small Bluetooth wireless QWERTY keyboard by the universal Bluetooth symbol.
    Photo of an Apple iPad connected to a Braillepen and BraillePen 12 by the universal Bluetooth symbol.

    Once a framework for access to these devices has been established, attention will be redirected to the various applications, strategies, and methodologies that will allow you and your students to:

  • Search for and browse pertinent information.

  • Download and Read Books.

  • Photo of an Apple iPad showing the New York Times inside the Safari browser.

    Photo of the Apple iBooks Store.

  • Manage and share information with others.

  • And explore a variety of games to play.

  • A split image photo with the top half of the photo showing an iPad spewing countless photos and documents from its interior and the bottom half showing a user connecting the Apple iPad to the sky. An allusion to to the new iCloud.
    Photo of the Apple App Store Logo.

    The AAI Professional Development Seminar is available in two different formats based on your specific needs and budget. The AAI Professional Development Seminar may be administered live and in person, or remotely via the internet.

    CEU Eligibility
    Flying Blind, LLC will work with you, your staff, or any other governing authority to make certain the completion of the AAI Professional Development Seminar provides CEU eligibility for all participants.

    Group Size
    The standard AAI Professional Development Seminar is designed to accommodate 20 educators per seminar, though it can be scaled to meet the needs of any number of participants. Please contact us for additional information on larger groups.

    The cost for the live and in person version of the AAI Professional Development Seminar is $1,000.00 USD plus all pertinent travel expenses for Mr. Larry Lewis, Flying Blind, LLC's Founder, and the instructor who will be personally conducting each live and in-person seminar.

    The online version, which is also conducted by Mr. Lewis, is divided into three modules, with each module lasting approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost of each module is $400.00 USD per module, if purchased searately, or $1,000.00 USD if all three modules are purchased at once. These modules may then be scheduled to be conducted on three separate agreed upon days, or throughout the span of a single day, based on the preferences of your educators.

    Why AAI is the Right Choice
    Flying Blind, LLC is keenly aware of today's economic climate, and we believe that by offering the AAI Professional Development Seminar in its current, comprehensive, and field-tested form, we will save you far more time, energy, and money than if you were to attempt to integrate these solutions without the proven resources and field tested information that we have built into this seminar.

    How to Reach Us
    For more information please contact us today at or give us a call at +1 (216) 381-8107.

    To download this brochure in PDF format you may click on or forward the following link:

    Flying Blind, LLC Publications RSS Feed

    For those of you wishing to receive new Flying Blind, LLC Publications automatically via RSS Feed (including Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday) you may use the following link (or feed) which will be updated (or syndicated) with the release of each new Flying Blind, LLC Publication: RSS is an automatic content syndication technology which uses a standard informational format (XML) that is easily recognizable to a variety of software applications called RSS Readers (or Aggregators). A user may subscribe to an RSS feed by entering its address ( into their reader of choice to initiate the subscription process. The RSS reader then checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly for any updates and provides a user interface to monitor and read these feeds. It is our hope that this additional distribution channel will help our readers to get the Adaptive Technology information they need, when they need it. Flying Blind, LLC. Empowerment Through Technology.

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