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Larry L. Lewis, Jr., Flying Blind, LLC, Founder
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Physical Fitness

Mental Toughness

Spiritual Wellness

Things I Have
(And Haven't) Done

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Photo of Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. smiling, with a beautiful blue sky in the background of the photo.
Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
Hello! And welcome to my Personal Section of the Flying Blind, LLC Website. The links above will fill you in on Larry L. Lewis, Jr., the person.
While I realize that it is a rather risky undertaking airing a fair amount of personal information about myself on my company website, in the interest of transparency and honesty, I’ve decided to let those of you who are interested learn a little more about me.
So as not to be redundant, I’ll let the links above paint you a picture of who Larry Lewis is. In short, I have a fairly simple approach to life that hinges on the reality that we as human beings are comprised of three ingredients:
  1. A Physical Body
  2. A Mental Make-Up
  3. A Spiritual Being
I believe that a satisfied person seeks to achieve “balance” and “wellness” within these three areas of their lives. Seeking physical fitness, mental toughness, and spiritual wellness are all rather arduous tasks, but it’s up to us to responsibly strive to achieve “wholeness” in these three areas of our lives in order that we might fully experience all that life has to offer us here on this earth.
As for life beyond this earth? I believe that a spiritual being steps out of a body after it dies and enters into something that exceeds our understanding here on this earth. I approach this “transformation” from the point of view of a Christian, but will not cheapen this experience by trying to explain what this transformation must be like in overused descriptors about “heaven”.
I also believe that a “day of reckoning” is in the cards for those who do not wish to seek the balance and wholeness that this life has to offer. In many cases, that “day of reckoning” is a premature end to life on earth. Again, I’ll not regale you with images of “hell fire and brimstone”, but I firmly believe that decisions made on this earth impact outcomes that are experienced after death.
As for life on this earth, I don’t believe in regretting my past, but learning from it, and I try to live each day as if it were my last.
And so, may the above links let you in on how I strive daily to improve the aforementioned 3 areas of my life. I’m far from a perfectly balanced human being, but I’m definitely learning more and more every day. So tune up that mouse clicker and dust off that keyboard, and if you’re interested, feel free to “surf” the links above.
To see a bit of my less philosophical side, click on the link provided here or above titled "Things I Have (And Haven't) Done" to learn a little more about me. A friend sent me this E-Mail awhile ago, and I had a lot of fun filling it out, so I encourage you to take five minutes and do the same.
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr., Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC

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