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Larry L. Lewis, Jr. Personal Section:
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Larry's Martial Arts Journey

Leisure Time

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The following links will enlighten you as to how I spend most of my leisure time. While much of my leisure time is spent involved in physical fitness activities and reading, the links below will illustrate how the remainder of my leisure time is spent.

Probably one of the most painful of all my leisure time activities is cheering for those “lovable losers”, my “men in blue”, The Chicago Cubs.
Mike Roico, the deceased Chicago Journalist summed up the attraction for Cubs Fans to the Chicago Cubs the best: "The attraction of Cubs fans to the Chicago Cubs is primarily because the Cubs personify life itself, a losing cause."
He might have been right, but I'll still keep "waiting until next year" as long as the Cubs continue to grace the "friendly confines" of Wrigley Field!
“Are you ready for some football?”, and a bowl of chili and a slab of ribs to go with it? Visit this link to keep up with all the action of the NFL both during and after the football season!
I’ve been a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship since its birth in the 1990s. While this sport might appear to be vicious, and has often been referred to as “human cockfighting”, Mixed Martial Artists are often better protected within the confines of the fenced Octagon than professional boxers, and the fights are much more exciting!
I visit Sherdog to keep up on all of my UFC and non-UFC related fight news.
This Easy Music Download site is a great resource for downloading music, rocking your PC, and burning music for listening on other devices. My musical tastes range from Bluegrass to Heavy Metal.
Even the free download of this product provides an accessible means of copying tracks to and from your PC and other media!

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