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Adaptive Technologies Endorsed By Flying Blind, LLC

The following section provides links to companies who either manufacture products that are endorsed by Flying Blind, LLC, and/or are utilized by its Founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
All of the solutions referenced below are truly life-changing options which enable the consumer to experience the benefits that mainstream technology currently offers to our predominantly sighted society.

Photo of the BraillePen and BraillePen12 Side by Side

BraillePen Slim and BraillePen 12
Manufactured by Harpo, these portable and affordable, pocket-sized Braille input/output alternatives are the perfect companions for those of us wishing to fully maximize the functionality and power of iOS and Android touch screen devices.

Photo of the Brailliant BI 32 by Humanware

Brailliant BI 32 and Brailliant BI 40
For a more sophisticated and comprehensive approach to desktop and portable access, the Brailliant Series of refreshable Braille terminals, in the form of the Brailliant BI 32 and the Brailliant BI 40, manufactured by Humanware, provide USB and wireless access to today's powerful desktop and portable Windows and iOS solutions.

Photo of the Alva Braille Controller

Alva Braille Controller
The latest in Wireless Braille innovation, incorporating internal storage, notetaking capabilities, and the reliability of Bluetooth connectivity all within a Wireless Braille and audio access tool. At this time, there isn’t an alternative on the market that offers the functionality, or the features, of the Alva Braille Controller.

Harpo Logo

Early Education Products for Braille Literacy
Harpo, a Polish-based manufacturer of devices designed to promote Braille literacy, also plays a fundamental role in the development of the literacy skills necessary to access these technologies.
The Mountbatten Brailler provides the blind student two-dimensional, tactile output and secondary auditory feedback, laying the foundation for Braille reading and writing mastery.
“Pictures in a Flash” or PIAF can reproduce a tactile representation of any graphic or picture.

Photo of the Guide Software

Guide and Guide Hands-Free
Both Guide and Guide Hands-Free are productivity tools designed for low-vision, blind, and multiply impaired users who find using a computer keyboard a challenge, and who wish to circumvent the complexities of the Windows Operating System to perform many of today’s most common tasks.

Mobile Speak Logo

MobileSpeak Screen Reading Solutions
MobileSpeak is a Screen Reader designed to enable the consumer to access off-the-shelf PDAs and Cellular Phones via audio output and either keyboard or stylus input.
Users of wireless Braille terminals that are supported by MobileSpeak may use their Braille Display to access information off of the PDA/Cellular Phone Screen as well as input commands and text using his/her preferred writing Grade of Braille. MobileSpeak runs on devices running Symbian, Smartphone, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Photo of the SoundPost Hand Controller and Base Station

SoundPost, developed by Povidi, is an emerging technology that makes it possible for persons who are vision impaired to easily locate door-ways, entrances, etc (though it will not circumvent the necessity of a white cane or service animal). Flying Blind is committed to assisting Povidi in the launch of SoundPost throughout 2009.

U3 USB Thumb Drive Holding The System Access Software

System Access, System Access Mobile Network, and Accessible Event
These solutions are designed around the student and professional who are on the go and need access to multiple Windows PCs.
System Access can be downloaded onto any U3 USB Thumb-Drive and when plugged into a PC will enable the user to access all popular Microsoft Applications via speech output and QWERTY input.
System Access Mobile Network
Accessible Event

Photo of the Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream
The Victor Reader Stream is the most revolutionary accessible bookreading device ever to hit the adaptive technology market.
This portable, powerful, and affordable alternative for accessing a variety of media opens endless doors for information access to those of us who are print-impaired.

Ai Squared Logo

Zoomtext Screen Magnification Software
This screen enlargement solution has withstood the test of time and numerous competitors and still remains at the forefront of innovation coupled with excellence as it continues to set the standards for screen access for low vision computer users.

Please revisit this page frequently, as it will be updated on a regular basis as we continue on our Adaptive Technology Journey!

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