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2012 AdapTech Insider Newsletter Archive

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AdapTech Insider - Volume 33

AdapTech Insider for Monday, December 10, 2012 - Volume 33
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


1. Accessible Shopping in the 2012 Holiday Season

Photo of a bright red holiday stocking with Flying Blind, LLC embroidered across the top and a brand new BraillePen 12 sticking out of the top of the stocking. Greetings and welcome to the Flying Blind, LLC Year-End Adaptech Insider. Your source for the state of the industry in new and emerging adaptive technologies. Now with a 100% fully accessible online store for all of your adaptive technology needs, large or small, from refreshable braille displays to special flame retardant oven mitts that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, we've got you covered.

We would like to begin by wishing all of our subscribers, all over the world, both a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday Season. I know it's hard to believe, but its already time to reflect on yet another year, which seems to have flown by at a break-neck pace. As the holidays are a time for giving we wanted to firstly take this opportunity to introduce everyone to some new inventory now available within the Flying Blind,LLC Online Store, your one-stop shop for all of your adaptive technology and accessibility needs. Find that perfect gift at, where U.S. customers enjoy free shipping on all products.

Additionally, all of the products offered within the Flying Blind, LLC Online Store have been hand picked by Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. Each product we carry is either used or endorsed by Mr. Lewis directly. For you iOS and Android users, check out Flying Blind, LLC's "Stocking Stuffer" BraillePen12 promotion, back down to its introductory price of $995.00 USD for the holidays. Bundle this with free shipping and you save $130.00 USD on the world's most portable and affordable refreshable Braille input / output device, which:

  • Transforms your touch screen device into a modern day notetaker.
  • Fits nicely inside today's standard sized stockings.
  • Can withstand the residual heat from a smoldering fire.
  • Guaranteed to hold up under any milk and / or cookies that might be spilled by one Jolly old St. Nick.
Shop Flying Blind today and buy with confidence, knowing that all Flying Blind, LLC Online Store products are covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. We take security every bit as seriously as we take accessibility. If you have questions about any of our products, please feel free to call or email us at +1 (216) 381-8107 or

2. Teleworking For Those Of Us Who Are Vision Impaired

Recently, Flying Blind, LLC's president and founder, Mr. Larry Lewis, had the privilege of being interviewed by the great folks at Telesaur, (, a fantastic online resource for current and prospective teleworking employees and employers wishing to hire individuals to work remotely. With such an emphasis being placed on so many of us by today's workplace to work efficiently in so many different types of stationary and mobile environments, Mr. Lewis was most anxious to share his 13+ years of experience telecommuting in both domestic and international capacities from the perspective of both a blind employee, as well as a business owner and operator. The interview, along with a few photos and a video, can be accessed by visiting:

3. For A Few Things You Might Not Know About Flying Blind, LLC

Courtesy of North Texas Radio for the Blind, a service of Reading & Radio Resource, Dallas at, the following is an interview conducted by Donna Miller for her InfoTalk Radio Program interviewing our very own Mr. Larry Lewis, President and Founder of Flying Blind, LLC. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Larry, his philosophy toward adaptive and mainstream technologies, and how Flying Blind, LLC got its start by listening to this interview.

4. Year-End, Heartfelt Thanks, From All Of Us At Flying Blind, LLC!

Finally, we at Flying Blind, LLC would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a most joyous and blessed Holiday Season. We're now a few months into our sixth year of business, and we have all of you to thank for it. We look forward to growing with you in 2013. May the end of your 2012 be full of Holiday cheer and may each of you enjoy a prosperous and rewarding 2013!

Warmest Regards,
Flying Blind, LLC Media Center

AdapTech Insider - Volume 32

AdapTech Insider for Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - Volume 32
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Take Advantage of Unbeatable, Educational Year-End Special Pricing on Refreshable Braille for iOS Devices!!!
Photo of the BraillePen Slim and BraillePen 12 Side by Side
Dollar Sign Bullet Point

Purchase 5 BraillePen12s for $950 per unit!

10 or more BraillePen12s for $900 per unit!

5 BraillePen Slims for $275.00 per unit!

10 or more BraillePen Slims for $260 per unit!

Mix and match BraillePen12s and BraillePen Slims to get the most out of your year-end budget!

Free shipping on purchases of 5 or more units!

Receive a complimentary hour of online training to turn your iOS device into a viable alternative to traditional, higher priced notetaking options!

Read on for details!

With the end to another school year winding down we're excited to be offering to you, the educator of vision impaired students, a tremendous year-end special on the refreshable Braille front. With the flood of iOS devices sweeping through classrooms across the United States, our vision impaired students are being introduced to an entirely different means of task completion. Without a doubt, these touch screen devices present our students with a number of opportunities when wireless refreshable Braille displays are bundled with them, thus turning them into low-cost, portable alternatives to traditional, more costly ways of portably managing information.

For the past 18 months we've been offering the lowest cost refreshable Braille options in the industry in the form of the BraillePen12 and BraillePen Slim. These sleek alternatives to using gestures on a touch screen promote independence and efficiency when using iOS devices in a variety of settings. We've offered these products for the introductory prices of USD$995 and USD$299, providing Braille access to a number of students and professionals at a price far below other alternatives on the market.

In order to give you and your students even more value for your year-end dollars, we're offering the above pricing to decision-makers wishing to serve as many students as possible while maximizing the remaining dollars within their budgets. All purchases must be made on a single purchase order.

Lastly, remember that this promotion nets you a free hour of online training specific to BraillePen and your IOS device valued at an additional $150.00. The training will be conducted by Flying Blind's Founder, Larry L. Lewis, Jr., the creator of the "Apple Accessibility Initiative", a day-long professional development seminar for groups of educators who wish to incorporate IOS technology into their classroom. Lewis will be scheduling these sessions once your purchase order is received and processed.

These prices won't last forever, so we encourage you to take advantage of them prior to the end of the business day, Friday, June 29, 2012. For more information email or call Aroga Technologies at (800) 561-6222. You may also contact your preferred BraillePen reseller, for we're extending this offer to all local sales outlets as well, in order to give you as many levels of support as possible for your investment in this life changing technology.

Feel free to email should you require any further clarification about this promotion or have any additional questions. Act now while there's still time!

AdapTech Insider - Volume 31

AdapTech Insider - Volume 31
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Flying Blind, LLC at the 27th Annual CSUN Conference

27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference Logo

For those of you planning to attend California State University Northridge's 27th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, from February 27 through March 3, at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California, Flying Blind, LLC invites you to attend a number of activities in which we will be contributing this year:
Flying Blind, LLC's Founder, Mr. Larry Lewis, will be involved in a variety of workshops and product sessions throughout the week with the common theme of these presentations revolving around various non-visual strategies for accessing and manipulating iOS devices.
2/27, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, "Unveiling Strategies for Affective Access to Apple Devices", Gregory AB
On Monday, February 27, Lewis, along with Matt Ater of G&B Solutions Inc. (, a business associate and good friend of Lewis, will be conducting a day-long pre-conference workshop titled "Unveiling Strategies for Affective Access to Apple Devices", 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, located in Gregory AB. This comprehensive session will focus on all of the various access components of Apple's iOS devices, and offer practical methods for service providers to incorporate this mainstream approach to portable access into their client's adaptive technology journeys.
3/1, 1:50 PM, "Access Improvements To Touch Screen Devices", Molly AB
On Thursday, March 1, Lewis will be partnering with his colleague Greg Stilson from HumanWare Inc. ( to present a General Session titled: "Access Improvements To Touch Screen Devices", 1:50 PM, located in Molly AB. This presentation discusses the process and advantages of incorporating wireless, refreshable Braille access when using iOS devices within both educational and employment settings.
2/29, 3/1, 3/2, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM, "Is 12 Cells Enough?", Aroga Suite
Last but not least, Lewis and Steve Barclay, Vice President of Sales for Aroga Technologies ( will be hosting three sessions within the Aroga Suite titled: "Is 12 Cells Enough?". Each session will begin at 4:00 PM and conclude around 5:30 PM and will run Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These three sessions are face to face, hands-on workshops based on the recent webinars hosted by Lewis and Barclay that illustrate the power and mobility of portable, refreshable Braille access to iOS devices in a variety of settings. These sessions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please e-mail or call (216) 381-8107 to reserve your space today.
The CSUN Conference is traditionally a venue for excitement around innovation within the adaptive technology industry, and Flying Blind, LLC is very excited to be a contributing force in unveiling that innovation this year at CSUN 2012. Until CSUN, have a great week and and travel safe!

AdapTech Insider - Volume 30

AdapTech Insider - Volume 30
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Are You An Adaptive Technology Trainer? Flying Blind, LLC Invites You to Join us by Donating 10 Minutes of Your Time.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo. Empowerment Through Technology. Flying Blind, LLC is currently involved in a number of adaptive technology training initiatives designed to optimize adaptive technology training service delivery on a national level. It is our continuing mission at Flying Blind, LLC to provide all vision impaired persons with the necessary products, information, and services that will make their adaptech journey as fulfilling as possible.
We feel strongly that the only way to do this is to solicit input from those of you who are already adaptive technology trainers. Only with feedback from those of you who already provide this exemplary service can we hope to attain the type of direction we require to move forward on a number of national training projects which are currently in play.
We invite those of you that are currently providing adaptive technology training services, as well as those of you that have provided these services in the past, to donate 10 minutes of your time in completing the enclosed survey.
All responses are 100% confidential, and, should you choose to provide your name, email address, and the State in which you reside, you will be strongly considered as a potential resource for both Flying Blind, LLC and its partners as we become more involved in trainer procurement to provide what may become the most comprehensive and exemplary adaptive technology training initiative our industry has ever offered on a National basis. Excited? So are we. And we look forward to hearing what you've got to say.
Flying Blind, LLC Survey For Adaptive Technology Trainers:

AdapTech Insider - Volume 29

AdapTech Insider - Volume 29
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Flying Blind, LLC Launches Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI)

In the interest of expanding our service offerings Flying Blind, LLC will be kicking off 2012 by launching the Apple Accessibility Initiative, or AAI, which is a series of on-site, scalable, and customizable professional development training seminars designed to provide educators of students who are vision impaired with the tools necessary to provide access solutions via mobile iOS-based products within the classroom. Over the past couple of years Apple has done an amazing job of marketing its products to the educational sector of the marketplace. Their approach to providing integrated access via screen magnification, speech, and Braille have afforded vision impaired users comparable access to much of what today's sighted users of mainstream applications have to offer.

As 2011 came to a close Flying Blind, LLC was made aware of a profound need amongst educators of the vision impaired to explore how to appropriately turn Apple touch screen devices into solutions that would enable vision impaired students to independently and efficiently complete tasks within the classroom. The Apple Accessibility Initiative, or AAI, will present educators with all of the integrated access tools available within the Apple operating system, or iOS, as well as a blueprint for how to search for, install, utilize, and maintain all of the appropriate applications necessary to transform these devices into low-cost alternatives to more expensive, traditional means of portable information management.

These fee-based training seminars will be spearheaded by Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis. Lewis has over 32 years of experience with adaptive technology, and has served in international product and sales management, direct service provision, and curriculum development capacities for many of the adaptech industry's leading solution providers.

"I'm excited to be driving such an initiative..." states Lewis. "Integrating adaptive media, methodologies, and new user interfaces into the educational market has always been a passion of mine. No matter what any of us think or want to happen, Apple's not going anywhere, so we might as well learn how to use, flourish, succeed, and even enjoy using their products. Educators have come to me over the past year or so both excited and frustrated that so many of these iOS products are being dumped into their classrooms and they are being given directives to use these devices, yet they're still truly thirsting to learn how to integrate them into their educational plans without taking months of their own time to accomplish this somewhat arduous undertaking."

The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) provided by Flying Blind, LLC offers proven, concise, and focused training which costs only a small fraction of the amount of both time and money that most educators will spend trying to make sense of this robust, cutting-edge, and portable adaptech alternative.

Participants in the Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) will achieve the following:

  • Be introduced to all of the low-vision, speech, and Braille accessibility features available within portable iOS devices.

  • Learn how to select and install accessible applications specifically pertinent to their school's curriculum.

  • Understand how to search for information, read books, and create/edit/share text and documents with sighted classmates and educators.

  • Be exposed to accessible games that might be played between both vision impaired and sighted users of these devices.
  • The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) already has a number of trainings scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. For more information about pricing and scheduling this in-service for your school district or group of educators, please email or call +1 (216) 381-8107. Please note that the Apple Accessibility Initiative is not sponsored by Apple or any other for-profit manufacturer of adaptive technology solutions. This series of seminars was designed specifically for professional development purposes by Larry L. Lewis. Let Flying Blind, LLC help you unleash the power of iOS in 2012!

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