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AdapTech Insider for Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - Volume 32
Empowerment Through Technology

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Take Advantage of Unbeatable, Educational Year-End Special Pricing on Refreshable Braille for iOS Devices!!!
Photo of the BraillePen Slim and BraillePen 12 Side by Side
Dollar Sign Bullet Point

Purchase 5 BraillePen12s for $950 per unit!

10 or more BraillePen12s for $900 per unit!

5 BraillePen Slims for $275.00 per unit!

10 or more BraillePen Slims for $260 per unit!

Mix and match BraillePen12s and BraillePen Slims to get the most out of your year-end budget!

Free shipping on purchases of 5 or more units!

Receive a complimentary hour of online training to turn your iOS device into a viable alternative to traditional, higher priced notetaking options!

Read on for details!

With the end to another school year winding down we're excited to be offering to you, the educator of vision impaired students, a tremendous year-end special on the refreshable Braille front. With the flood of iOS devices sweeping through classrooms across the United States, our vision impaired students are being introduced to an entirely different means of task completion. Without a doubt, these touch screen devices present our students with a number of opportunities when wireless refreshable Braille displays are bundled with them, thus turning them into low-cost, portable alternatives to traditional, more costly ways of portably managing information.

For the past 18 months we've been offering the lowest cost refreshable Braille options in the industry in the form of the BraillePen12 and BraillePen Slim. These sleek alternatives to using gestures on a touch screen promote independence and efficiency when using iOS devices in a variety of settings. We've offered these products for the introductory prices of USD$995 and USD$299, providing Braille access to a number of students and professionals at a price far below other alternatives on the market.

In order to give you and your students even more value for your year-end dollars, we're offering the above pricing to decision-makers wishing to serve as many students as possible while maximizing the remaining dollars within their budgets. All purchases must be made on a single purchase order.

Lastly, remember that this promotion nets you a free hour of online training specific to BraillePen and your IOS device valued at an additional $150.00. The training will be conducted by Flying Blind's Founder, Larry L. Lewis, Jr., the creator of the "Apple Accessibility Initiative", a day-long professional development seminar for groups of educators who wish to incorporate IOS technology into their classroom. Lewis will be scheduling these sessions once your purchase order is received and processed.

These prices won't last forever, so we encourage you to take advantage of them prior to the end of the business day, Friday, June 29, 2012. For more information email or call Aroga Technologies at (800) 561-6222. You may also contact your preferred BraillePen reseller, for we're extending this offer to all local sales outlets as well, in order to give you as many levels of support as possible for your investment in this life changing technology.

Feel free to email should you require any further clarification about this promotion or have any additional questions. Act now while there's still time!


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