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Flying Blind, LLC Launches Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI)

Flying Blind, LLC will be kicking off 2012 by launching the Apple Accessibility Initiative, or AAI, which is a series of on-site, scalable, and customizable professional development training seminars designed to provide educators of students who are vision impaired with the tools necessary to provide access solutions via mobile iOS-based products within the classroom. Over the past couple of years Apple has done an amazing job of marketing its products to the educational sector of the marketplace. Their approach to providing integrated access via screen magnification, speech, and Braille have afforded vision impaired users comparable access to much of what today's sighted users of mainstream applications have to offer.

As 2011 came to a close Flying Blind, LLC was made aware of a profound need amongst educators of the vision impaired to explore how to appropriately turn Apple touch screen devices into solutions that would enable vision impaired students to independently and efficiently complete tasks within the classroom. The Apple Accessibility Initiative, or AAI, will present educators with all of the integrated access tools available within the Apple operating system, or iOS, as well as a blueprint for how to search for, install, utilize, and maintain all of the appropriate applications necessary to transform these devices into low-cost alternatives to more expensive, traditional means of portable information management.

These fee-based training seminars will be spearheaded by Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Mr. Larry L. Lewis. Lewis has over 32 years of experience with adaptive technology, and has served in international product and sales management, direct service provision, and curriculum development capacities for many of the adaptech industry's leading solution providers.

"I'm excited to be driving such an initiative..." states Lewis. "Integrating adaptive media, methodologies, and new user interfaces into the educational market has always been a passion of mine. No matter what any of us think or want to happen, Apple's not going anywhere, so we might as well learn how to use, flourish, succeed, and even enjoy using their products. Educators have come to me over the past year or so both excited and frustrated that so many of these iOS products are being dumped into their classrooms and they are being given directives to use these devices, yet they're still truly thirsting to learn how to integrate them into their educational plans without taking months of their own time to accomplish this somewhat arduous undertaking."

The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) provided by Flying Blind, LLC offers proven, concise, and focused training which costs only a small fraction of the amount of both time and money that most educators will spend trying to make sense of this robust, cutting-edge, and portable adaptech alternative.

Participants in the Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) will achieve the following:

  • Be introduced to all of the low-vision, speech, and Braille accessibility features available within portable iOS devices.

  • Learn how to select and install accessible applications specifically pertinent to their school's curriculum.

  • Understand how to search for information, read books, and create/edit/share text and documents with sighted classmates and educators.

  • Be exposed to accessible games that might be played between both vision impaired and sighted users of these devices.
  • The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) already has a number of trainings scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. For more information about pricing and scheduling this in-service for your school district or group of educators, please email or call +1 (216) 381-8107. Please note that the Apple Accessibility Initiative is not sponsored by Apple or any other for-profit manufacturer of adaptive technology solutions. This series of seminars was designed specifically for professional development purposes by Larry L. Lewis. Let Flying Blind, LLC help you unleash the power of iOS in 2012!


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