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2013 AdapTech Insider Newsletter Archive

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AdapTech Insider - Volume 37

AdapTech Insider for Monday, December 2, 2013 - Volume 37
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Cyber-Monday Specials from Flying Blind, LLC!

Photo of two red stockings with white trim along their tops hanging in front of a beautiful wood burning fireplace which sits just behind a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to the right, and two large Poinsettas in pots to the left. We at Flying Blind, LLC would like to wish you, our faithful readers and customers, a joyous and blessed Holiday Season. We share and appreciate your interest in all things AdapTech, and wish you a wonderful conclusion to 2013, as well as a fantastic beginning to 2014!

With the holidays being a time for GIVING and GETTING, we are extremely pleased to offer some fresh new gift ideas in our Online Store at that will give you the best value for your dollar on both high and low tech items that Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Larry L. Lewis, either personally uses, or publicly endorses.

In addition we'll also be offering free shipping and handling to all of our continental U.S. customers on all orders totalling $50.00 USD or more.

We're also offering a $100.00 USD savings on the new BraillePen 12 Touch until the end of the year at: This newest iteration of the 12 cell refreshable Braille product line once again provides you with a wireless, Braille solution for less than $1,000.00 USD!

Lastly, Flying Blind, LLC will add to any order totalling $100.00 USD or more, a complimentary audio copy of the book 'Out of the Whirlpool' by Sue W. Martin. This book is valued at, and also available on the Flying Blind, LLC Online Store for, $17.95 USD. This riveting memoir is Ms. Martin's personal account of her survival of an attempted suicide which left her blind, and on the brink of despair. It's an enlightening and descriptive narrative that illustrates how the human spirit can overcome the most insurmountable feelings of depression, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy. During this often joyous time of the year, we at Flying Blind, LLC wish to offer you a blueprint for dealing with such potential emotional upheaval, and are providing this book in audio format, read by Sue Martin herself, to let you know that you are not alone, and that there is hope to "escape the whirlpool" as demonstrated by Sue in this powerful story. Even if you do not currently face such struggles, this book is definitely worth a read. If you just want the book, feel free to purchase it in your preferred electronic (PDF), audio (MP3), or hardcopy (Print) format at:, or receive a free audio copy when you spend $100.00 USD or more with us by the end of the year. Once you begin reading this book, you won't be able to put it down.

If you have questions about any of our products, or would prefer to make your purchases by telephone, feel free to give us a call at +1 (216) 381-8107.

Again, we thank you for a great 2013, and wish you Happy Holidays from Flying Blind, LLC!

AdapTech Insider - Volume 36

AdapTech Insider for Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - Volume 36
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Flying Blind, LLC Announces The Availability of TypeAbility: Keyboard Instruction Software for JAWS and Magic

Photo of Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC demonstrating TypeAbility: Keyboard Instruction Software for JAWS and Magic. Click to view this demonstration on YouTube now. Flying Blind, LLC is in the business of uncovering the most innovative and functional products on the market, so that we can provide them as options to you, our subscribers, and once again, we have much to deliver. We are ecstatic to be partnering with the great folks over at YesAccessible to provide you with access to TypeAbility, the industry's most comprehensive and intuitive interactive keyboard instruction software for JAWS and Magic.

TypeAbility integrates seamlessly into Freedom Scientific's JAWS and / or Magic screen reading / magnification software to provide a full-blown keyboard instruction / typing tutorial solution designed to teach every aspect of the computer keyboard in intimate detail. Even specific Windows concepts like function keys and dialog boxes are covered in this one-of-a-kind teaching tool.

Want to experience TypeAbility in action? Check out this link to watch or listen to Flying Blind, LLC's founder Larry Lewis demonstrate TypeAbility on YouTube: Larry provides a comprehensive tour of this phenomenal and life-changing alternative to other dated keyboard tutorial options.

Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to be able to offer both single user licenses as well as site licenses for multiple users, both of which can be purchased from within the Flying Blind, LLC Online Store by visiting

TypeAbility can be used by one-handed typists and installed on computers connected to a network. Instructors can actually customize lessons within TypeAbility to address specific aspects of their students' keyboarding. If you have additional questions, or wish to order using a purchase order, simply email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today.

TypeAbility is a fantastic resource for the service provider who teaches keyboarding skills, the rehabilitation agency or school who provides adaptive technology instruction, or the end user who simply wishes to improve their keyboard accuracy. We at Flying Blind, LLC believe that exceptional keyboarding skills are a fundamental ingredient for success in both the classroom and the workplace, and we are very grateful to be able to partner with YesAccessible to offer this solution to both users and institutions at a very affordable price. So please check out TypeAbility today by downloading the software demo available from within the Flying Blind, LLC Online Store, and observe first-hand this powerful yet simple alternative to keyboard instruction!

AdapTech Insider - Volume 35

AdapTech Insider for Monday, April 29, 2013 - Volume 35
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Join Us For A Special Free Webinar on Friday, May 17th 2013 at 2:00 PM EST !!!

Internet Speech Logo. Features the words Internet Speech next to an icon of a traditional telephone handset with arrows showing a complete circle between the telephone and the internet. Flying Blind, LLC would like to cordially invite any and all educational and/or rehabilitation professionals working with individuals who are visually impaired and that may have difficulties using a computer or smartphone web browser to access the internet, to join us for a very special free webinar on Friday, May 17th at 2:00 PM EST. During this online, interactive broadcast, Flying Blind,LLC's Founder, Larry Lewis, will demonstrate the NetEcho web browser, a self-voicing gateway to the internet developed by Internet Speech.
With NetEcho, aspiring vision impaired web surfers may use either a land line, LAN line, or mobile phone to login to their NetEcho Account by simply dialing into a server, from which they can then perform many of today's internet-related tasks by using either the sound of their voice, or just the standard telephone keypad. It's a fantastic way to benefit from all that the internet has to offer without negotiating many of the complexities that traditional web browsers present to the non-computer user.
This webinar will provide you, the service provider, with strategies for getting your non-internet browsing students and/or clients connected to the world wide web. Many of your students/clients may have multiple impairments and limited use of their hands. Not to worry, NetEcho presents to these individuals a voice-activated means of searching for, enjoying, and sharing the same information and web-based applications that are experienced by their sighted family and friends, thus promoting the free flow of information between sighted and vision impaired users of the internet, regardless of their respective technical skill sets!
For more information about this webinar and to register please send an email to or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today. We look forward to joining you on Friday, May 17th for this informative event!

AdapTech Insider - Volume 34

AdapTech Insider for Monday, January 28, 2013 - Volume 34
Empowerment Through Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication


Flying Blind Announces 2013 Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) Online Modules - January 28, 2013 - Cleveland Ohio, USA

Following a number of requests here at Flying Blind, LLC we are pleased to announce that in 2013 our AAI Professional Development Seminar will now be available in two different formats, based on your specific needs and budget. The Flying Blind, LLC AAI Professional Development Seminar may now be administered either live and in person, as it always has, or, now, remotely via the internet.

While we believe that the live and in person version is still the most optimal way to absorb this information, it has become apparent to us that a greater number of educators and service providers might benefit from this seminar if it were also offered online.

The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) was launched in January of 2012 to provide today's educators and service providers of persons who are vision impaired with a comprehensive and field-tested overview of the various access components prevalent within Apple's i-devices.

Once these options have been uncovered and explored the AAI Professional Development Seminar provides specific instructions and recommendations for obtaining, interacting with, and sharing information between fully sighted and vision impaired students as well as the instructors expected to use these devices in educational settings.

Last year Flying Blind, LLC enabled dozens of educators to fully understand, realize, and consequently utilize, the mainstream power that these devices can place at their student's fingertips, and it is our hope that this online alternative will have an exponential impact on educators who might not have previosuly had the budget to bring the AAI Professional Development Seminar to them.

The online version of this day-long Professional Development Seminar, which is also conducted by Mr. Lewis, is divided into three modules, with each module lasting approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost of each module is $400.00 USD per module, if purchased searately, or $1,000.00 USD if all three modules are purchased at once. These modules may then be scheduled to be conducted on three separate agreed upon days, or throughout the span of a single day, based on the preferences of your educators.

For more information about the AAI Professional Development Seminar:

On the web at:

PDF Brochure for Printing:

Flying Blind, LLC's Founder, and the instructor of all AAI Seminars, both online and off, Mr. Larry Lewis, will be offering a sample of what AAI Professional Development Seminar participants can expect at this week's ATIA Conference, Caribe Royale All-Suites Resort & Convention Center, Orlando Florida. If you're attending, please check out his presentation on Friday, February 1at at 8:00 AM located in Antigua 3: Providing Braille Access To Touch Screen Devices.

For more information, or to schedule your Seminar, please contact or give us a call today at +1 (216) 381-8107.

We Invite You to Join the 2013 Flying Blind, LLC Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI)

Photo of a female hand interacting with the touch interface of an Apple iPad. If you are an educator of vision impaired students or a professional who makes decisions regarding the technological journey of a vision impaired student, then the Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) is for you.

Are you excited about receiving iPads for your students but not sure what access features are available to ensure your students are independent, efficient, and on an equal playing field with their sighted peers? Would you like to know which iOS apps can make your students more proficient in a post-secondary education or competitive job market?

The Flying Blind, LLC AAI Professional Development Seminar can provide you with all of this, and much more. This Professional Development Seminar was designed for educators who have either received or are receiving portable iOS devices such as iPads, iPods, or iPhones which are to be used by their students.

The Apple Accessibility Initiative (AAI) Professional Development Seminar will:

  • Introduce you to all of the built-in low vision options available within these devices.

  • Unveil the robust screenreading access for speech users integrated into these devices.

  • Screen shot of the Apple iPad at Settings / General / Accessibility.

    Photo of the Apple iPad with Voiceover call outs assisting its user with various tasks.

  • Showcase QWERTY on-screen and wireless keyboard options for navigation and data entry.

  • Illustrate how refreshable Braille I/O transforms these devices into a "Portable Information Management System".

  • Photo of an Apple iPad connected to a small Bluetooth wireless QWERTY keyboard by the universal Bluetooth symbol.
    Photo of an Apple iPad connected to a Braillepen and BraillePen 12 by the universal Bluetooth symbol.

    Once a framework for access to these devices has been established, attention will be redirected to the various applications, strategies, and methodologies that will allow you and your students to:

  • Search for and browse pertinent information.

  • Download and Read Books.

  • Photo of an Apple iPad showing the New York Times inside the Safari browser.

    Photo of the Apple iBooks Store.

  • Manage and share information with others.

  • And explore a variety of games to play.

  • A split image photo with the top half of the photo showing an iPad spewing countless photos and documents from its interior and the bottom half showing a user connecting the Apple iPad to the sky. An allusion to to the new iCloud.
    Photo of the Apple App Store Logo.

    The AAI Professional Development Seminar is available in two different formats based on your specific needs and budget. The AAI Professional Development Seminar may be administered live and in person, or remotely via the internet.

    CEU Eligibility
    Flying Blind, LLC will work with you, your staff, or any other governing authority to make certain the completion of the AAI Professional Development Seminar provides CEU eligibility for all participants.

    Group Size
    The standard AAI Professional Development Seminar is designed to accommodate 20 educators per seminar, though it can be scaled to meet the needs of any number of participants. Please contact us for additional information on larger groups.

    The cost for the live and in person version of the AAI Professional Development Seminar is $1,000.00 USD plus all pertinent travel expenses for Mr. Larry Lewis, Flying Blind, LLC's Founder, and the instructor who will be personally conducting each live and in-person seminar.

    The online version, which is also conducted by Mr. Lewis, is divided into three modules, with each module lasting approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost of each module is $400.00 USD per module, if purchased searately, or $1,000.00 USD if all three modules are purchased at once. These modules may then be scheduled to be conducted on three separate agreed upon days, or throughout the span of a single day, based on the preferences of your educators.

    Why AAI is the Right Choice
    Flying Blind, LLC is keenly aware of today's economic climate, and we believe that by offering the AAI Professional Development Seminar in its current, comprehensive, and field-tested form, we will save you far more time, energy, and money than if you were to attempt to integrate these solutions without the proven resources and field tested information that we have built into this seminar.

    How to Reach Us
    For more information please contact us today at or give us a call at +1 (216) 381-8107.

    To download this brochure in PDF format you may click on or forward the following link:

    Warmest Regards,
    Flying Blind, LLC Media Center

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