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Flying Blind, LLC E-News - Volume 6
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 President's Message
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RELEASED ON: December 18, 2007

Beautiful wreath covered with snow and decorated with red Poinsettas and pine cones. Greetings! And welcome to the final installment of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News for 2007. I can’t believe that we’re wrapping up yet another year, and I would like to personally thank all of you who have supported me and the many Flying Blind, LLC efforts over the past twelve months.
I’d also like to thank those of you who have shared your compliments and constructive feedback regarding our Company Newsletter. It’s been a rewarding and fun process for me, as well as those who have contributed to this effort, and without a great audience such as yourselves the fruits of these efforts would not have been possible.
In this Volume of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News our FB-Eye Spotlight focuses on a company who makes inaccessible computer applications accessible by customizing the application rather than adjusting a given screenreader to make the application accessible.
This Volume’s installment of E-Blink has some insanely rock-bottom specials on refurbished adaptive technologies. And, I’m so excited to be featuring HumanWare’s Victor Reader Stream in a new installment of the EyePod TechnoCast!
We’ll be sharing a few FB TechNotes throughout the newsletter as well. So pour yourself a great big glass of Egg Nog, get situated in your favorite Easy Chair, and join us for an entertaining and resourceful newsletter.
To you and yours from Flying Blind, LLC, may you have a joyous and safe Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC

 FB-Eye Spotlight:
 Strand Management Solutions, Inc.

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RELEASED ON: December 18, 2007

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo Strand Management Solutions, Inc.
This installment of the FB-Eye Spotlight introduces us to Strand Management Solutions. This website and application development firm specializes in Section 508 Remediation Services for mainstream organizations seeking a comprehensive evaluation of their websites’ or applications’ accessibility to persons who are vision impaired.
Strand Management’s approach to Section 508 Compliance is straightforward and practical.
Strand Management Solutions, Inc. Logo Why does an organization have difficulty accomplishing these services without the proper expertise and development know-how?
A company’s visually impaired users or employees may quickly become frustrated by an application’s inaccessibility. Often, this frustration does not lend itself well to optimal communication with the organization, the organization is often unable to identify where these application obstacles are, and if they do, they are more often unsure how to best overcome these access barriers within a primarily visual and graphical environment.
Strand Management Solutions, Inc. brings nearly thirty years experience developing web and database applications. Along with being expert interface developers, for over twenty years Strand Management has worked with the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired to first make their applications accessible, and then to provide these services to other organizations.
Strand Management will evaluate your application and then provide you with remediation alternatives that include either application development services or direction for your technical staff to make your applications accessible.
Strand Management will work to fully refine and test your application and, if you desire, provide training and support for your users.
Contact Strand Management when you need the job done with real world results!

 EyePod TechnoCast: Volume 4
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RELEASED ON: December 18, 2007

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of Flying Blind, LLC’s EyePod TechnoCast we introduce you to the Victor Reader Stream.
This Daisy, MP3, and Niso player is arguably one of the most exciting products to take the Adaptive Technology Industry by storm in quite some time. A great big Yankee “Thank You!” goes out to our neighbors up North, The HumanWare Canada Team, for their effort, thoughtfulness, and the obvious consideration that they invested in the creation of the Victor Reader Stream.
Photo of the Victor Reader Stream In this podcast I provide an overview of the Stream, illustrate how to use the Stream, show how to record notes as well as access a variety of Daisy and Niso books via the Stream, and play a few tunes from my diverse music collection on this multi-faceted player.
This product retails for a nominal US$329.00 within the US, and HumanWare US is even offering free shipping on purchases of the Stream through the end of December 2007.
I’m confident that once you listen to this podcast, you will agree that everyone who has a visual impairment and who loves to listen to audio books and music must own at least one of these portable “Techno-Jewels”!
You may click on, or forward, this link:
to download Volume 4 of the EyePod TechnoCast in MP3 Format (28.6 MB @ 96Kbps) now, or you can subscribe to the EyePod TechnoCast Feed using the RSS link provided below. Enjoy!
EyePod TechnoCast Logo
Flying Blind, LLC RSS Feed Icon for Subscription to the EyePod TechnoCast

 E-Blink ShowCase: 2007 Holiday Specials
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RELEASED ON: December 18, 2007

E-Blink ShowCase Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to have a number of E-Blink Specials just in time for the holidays.
This, by far, is our most STACKED edition of E-Blink yet, with a little something for everyone!
Flying Blind, LLC is offering free shipping for all of these E-Blink products within the Continental United States and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal transactions.
Please feel free to E-Mail or call +1 (216) 381-8107 if you have any questions, or simply wish to purchase any of the refurbished products listed in this E-Blink Showcase.
Please note that all products are available only while supplies last, so hurry!

Photo of VoiceNote Braille and VoiceNote QT Products
VoiceNote Classics for US$750.00 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
When it was initially introduced in 2000, the VoiceNote Personal Data Assistants were the first Windows-based notetakers designed for those of us who are vision impaired.
Whereas the needs of its customers have evolved over the past seven years, so have the VoiceNote’s capabilities. The VoiceNote gives you instantaneous access to countless applications including, but not limited to:
  • Word Processing of documents, while converting them into Braille or a range of mainstream text formats including Microsoft Word, print or emboss any document, translate between Braille and text.

  • Send and receive e-mails with attachments, store addresses, create folders. Supports standard POP3 e-mail services.

  • Schedule single or recurring appointments and set reminder alarms and synchronize with Microsoft Outlook's Contacts.

  • Store and organize your contact information, look up an address quickly and simply, paste it into a document or e-mail, synchronize with Microsoft Outlook's Contacts. Or create your own database.

  • Read e-books in standard Braille or text format, and download and unpack e-books.

  • Surf the net - do research, online shopping and banking, save pages, download files.

  • Listen to MP3 audio books or music, and return to the point you stopped listening to your last MP3 file.

  • Create complex mathematical calculations, insert the answer into an e-mail or document.

  • Context-sensitive help and fully-indexed user guide are available at the touch of a key.
All VoiceNote Classic models are being sold with new batteries, a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty, the latest Keysoft Version 7.5, and a compact flash card for data storage.
All that and this product is being sold at a price point close to the same price as an off-the-shelf PDA! Contact Flying Blind, LLC while supplies last!

Mountbatten Pro for US$895.00 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Introduced in 2000, this alternative to Braille Reading and Writing is the perfect solution for making Braille learning fun and exciting for blind children.
The Mountbatten Pro emphasizes the necessity for developing Braille literacy skills while introducing students to the fundamental basics of adaptive technology. The Mountbatten Pro is also a palatable alternative to the Perkins Braille Writer which was developed in the late 1940s.
Flying Blind, LLC is ecstatic to be able to provide to you the Mountbatten Pro for US$895.00, approximately the same price as a new Perkins Braille Writer.
To drive home the significance of this special pricing, imagine a Personal Computer priced at the same price as a manual typewriter developed in the 1950s! Well that’s what we have here on the Braille writing front while supplies last!

Two Photos of the Braillestar 40 Refreshable Braille Terminal. One with a Laptop docked within it and one with a desktop PC keyboard docked within it.
Two Braillestar 40 Refreshable Braille Terminals for US$795.00
Often selected as the Braille display of choice by many Federal Employers of persons who are blind, this Braille terminal combines serial and USB connectivity to a PC with stand-alone notetaking functionality via QWERTY or Braille input.
Each display comes with a 90 day service warranty, and is a fantastic value for the PC user who reads Braille!

Photo of an EasyBraille Refreshable Braille Terminal Docked in front of a Laptop Keyboard with a hand on it.
Three EasyBraille Refreshable Braille Terminals for US$2,495.00
This sleek, USB Braille Terminal offers to the PC user a compact Braille alternative with ergonomically positioned navigation and Braille keys.
Each display comes with a 90 day warranty.
The EasyBraille does not require any additional batteries or bulky power supplies and is a great value for the mobile laptop user.

Fell free to contact Flying Blind, LLC about any of the phenomenal bargains listed above at any time. We’ll be checking E-Mail and Voicemail over the holidays!
If you represent an agency, organization, or manufacturer who wishes to have your previously operated equipment represented in a future E-Blink ShowCase, please contact us at to discuss placement within this section for future E-Newsletters.

 FB Tech Notes
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RELEASED ON: December 18, 2007

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is excited to announce that it will be launching a series of workshops and seminars for rehabilitation and educational agencies who provide services for persons who are vision impaired.
The seminars will focus on developing functional academic and vocational adaptive technology skills designed to provide successful outcomes within the classroom and workplace.
These seminars will be geared toward the service professional who wishes to compliment their service provision with strategies designed to change the lives of their consumers.
Also, consumers who are serious about incorporating products and strategies into their educational and rehabilitation plans are welcome.
More information about these workshops will be forthcoming in late January / early February, 2008. In the meantime, all interested parties should E-Mail for more information.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC happened upon the following information while reading another Adaptive Technology Newsletter, and after contacting this organization, is pleased to introduce you to, another great resource for buying and selling used equipment. is a new web site that tracks and posts deals, sales, and discounts on blindness-related products, as well as other items usable by people who are blind or visually impaired.
Visitors can view the latest headlines or search through past deals to find everything from talking caller IDs to memory cards.
Other services are also available, such as the auction gateway, a simple interface to search for blindness-related items on eBay.
Visitors can stay updated with a daily E-Mail list of bargains or through an RSS feed.
The site also contains news pertaining to the blind community, articles and reviews of products and web sites, and links to other useful resources.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is excited to be conducting two presentations at ATIA 2008:
"A Step Beyond Notetakers: Wireless Braille Solutions in Action!" focuses on the latest in wireless Braille access to a variety of desktop and Mobile applications.
"Let Your Fingers do the Walking: Exploring Mobile Access" unveils in further detail the powerful alternatives that PDAs and Smartphones offer to those of us who are vision impaired.
More information about each presentation will be forthcoming in January prior to ATIA.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this E-Newsletter, and I thank you for taking the time to read it. As always, all suggestions are welcome.
Once again, we at Flying Blind, LLC wish you and yours a joyous and safe Holiday season and much success and happiness in 2008!

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