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EyePod TechnoCast: Volume 4

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of Flying Blind, LLC’s EyePod TechnoCast we introduce you to the Victor Reader Stream.
This Daisy, MP3, and Niso player is arguably one of the most exciting products to take the Adaptive Technology Industry by storm in quite some time. A great big Yankee “Thank You!” goes out to our neighbors up North, The HumanWare Canada Team, for their effort, thoughtfulness, and the obvious consideration that they invested in the creation of the Victor Reader Stream.
Photo of the Victor Reader Stream In this podcast I provide an overview of the Stream, illustrate how to use the Stream, show how to record notes as well as access a variety of Daisy and Niso books via the Stream, and play a few tunes from my diverse music collection on this multi-faceted player.
This product retails for a nominal US$329.00 within the US, and HumanWare US is even offering free shipping on purchases of the Stream through the end of December 2007.
I’m confident that once you listen to this podcast, you will agree that everyone who has a visual impairment and who loves to listen to audio books and music must own at least one of these portable “Techno-Jewels”!
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