FB-Eye Spotlight: Strand Management Solutions, Inc.

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo Strand Management Solutions, Inc.
This installment of the FB-Eye Spotlight introduces us to Strand Management Solutions. This website and application development firm specializes in Section 508 Remediation Services for mainstream organizations seeking a comprehensive evaluation of their websites’ or applications’ accessibility to persons who are vision impaired.
Strand Management’s approach to Section 508 Compliance is straightforward and practical.
Strand Management Solutions, Inc. Logo Why does an organization have difficulty accomplishing these services without the proper expertise and development know-how?
A company’s visually impaired users or employees may quickly become frustrated by an application’s inaccessibility. Often, this frustration does not lend itself well to optimal communication with the organization, the organization is often unable to identify where these application obstacles are, and if they do, they are more often unsure how to best overcome these access barriers within a primarily visual and graphical environment.
Strand Management Solutions, Inc. brings nearly thirty years experience developing web and database applications. Along with being expert interface developers, for over twenty years Strand Management has worked with the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired to first make their applications accessible, and then to provide these services to other organizations.
Strand Management will evaluate your application and then provide you with remediation alternatives that include either application development services or direction for your technical staff to make your applications accessible.
Strand Management will work to fully refine and test your application and, if you desire, provide training and support for your users.
Contact Strand Management when you need the job done with real world results!