E-Blink ShowCase: 2007 Holiday Specials

E-Blink ShowCase Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to have a number of E-Blink Specials just in time for the holidays.
This, by far, is our most STACKED edition of E-Blink yet, with a little something for everyone!
Flying Blind, LLC is offering free shipping for all of these E-Blink products within the Continental United States and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal transactions.
Please feel free to E-Mail E-Blink@Flying-Blind.com or call +1 (216) 381-8107 if you have any questions, or simply wish to purchase any of the refurbished products listed in this E-Blink Showcase.
Please note that all products are available only while supplies last, so hurry!

Photo of VoiceNote Braille and VoiceNote QT Products
VoiceNote Classics for US$750.00 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
When it was initially introduced in 2000, the VoiceNote Personal Data Assistants were the first Windows-based notetakers designed for those of us who are vision impaired.
Whereas the needs of its customers have evolved over the past seven years, so have the VoiceNote’s capabilities. The VoiceNote gives you instantaneous access to countless applications including, but not limited to:
  • Word Processing of documents, while converting them into Braille or a range of mainstream text formats including Microsoft Word, print or emboss any document, translate between Braille and text.

  • Send and receive e-mails with attachments, store addresses, create folders. Supports standard POP3 e-mail services.

  • Schedule single or recurring appointments and set reminder alarms and synchronize with Microsoft Outlook's Contacts.

  • Store and organize your contact information, look up an address quickly and simply, paste it into a document or e-mail, synchronize with Microsoft Outlook's Contacts. Or create your own database.

  • Read e-books in standard Braille or text format, and download and unpack Bookshare.org e-books.

  • Surf the net - do research, online shopping and banking, save pages, download files.

  • Listen to MP3 audio books or music, and return to the point you stopped listening to your last MP3 file.

  • Create complex mathematical calculations, insert the answer into an e-mail or document.

  • Context-sensitive help and fully-indexed user guide are available at the touch of a key.
All VoiceNote Classic models are being sold with new batteries, a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty, the latest Keysoft Version 7.5, and a compact flash card for data storage.
All that and this product is being sold at a price point close to the same price as an off-the-shelf PDA! Contact Flying Blind, LLC while supplies last!

Mountbatten Pro for US$895.00 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Introduced in 2000, this alternative to Braille Reading and Writing is the perfect solution for making Braille learning fun and exciting for blind children.
The Mountbatten Pro emphasizes the necessity for developing Braille literacy skills while introducing students to the fundamental basics of adaptive technology. The Mountbatten Pro is also a palatable alternative to the Perkins Braille Writer which was developed in the late 1940s.
Flying Blind, LLC is ecstatic to be able to provide to you the Mountbatten Pro for US$895.00, approximately the same price as a new Perkins Braille Writer.
To drive home the significance of this special pricing, imagine a Personal Computer priced at the same price as a manual typewriter developed in the 1950s! Well that’s what we have here on the Braille writing front while supplies last!

Two Photos of the Braillestar 40 Refreshable Braille Terminal. One with a Laptop docked within it and one with a desktop PC keyboard docked within it.
Two Braillestar 40 Refreshable Braille Terminals for US$795.00
Often selected as the Braille display of choice by many Federal Employers of persons who are blind, this Braille terminal combines serial and USB connectivity to a PC with stand-alone notetaking functionality via QWERTY or Braille input.
Each display comes with a 90 day service warranty, and is a fantastic value for the PC user who reads Braille!

Photo of an EasyBraille Refreshable Braille Terminal Docked in front of a Laptop Keyboard with a hand on it.
Three EasyBraille Refreshable Braille Terminals for US$2,495.00
This sleek, USB Braille Terminal offers to the PC user a compact Braille alternative with ergonomically positioned navigation and Braille keys.
Each display comes with a 90 day warranty.
The EasyBraille does not require any additional batteries or bulky power supplies and is a great value for the mobile laptop user.

Feel free to contact Flying Blind, LLC about any of the phenomenal bargains listed above at any time. We’ll be checking E-Mail and Voicemail over the holidays!
If you represent an agency, organization, or manufacturer who wishes to have your previously operated equipment represented in a future E-Blink ShowCase, please contact us at E-Blink@Flying-Blind.com to discuss placement within this section for future E-Newsletters.