Eyepod Technocasts 9A & 9B Released.
Mobilespeak 4 Takes On The iPhone And So Much More!

EyePod TechnoCast Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to kick off 2010 with a double header of EyePod Technocasts.
Many of you know that Iíve been an avid user and strong proponent of the Mobilespeak Screenreader Software developed by Code Factory (http://www.codefactory.es/). This companyís innovative approach to providing access to hundreds of mobile solutions has changed the lives of thousands of us who are vision impaired, and their latest product offering, Mobilespeak 4, does not disappoint.
In EyePod Technocast 9A, we focus on the enhanced text to speech capabilities present in Mobilespeak 4 and illustrate how MobileSpeak 4ís forward thinking regarding these functionalities solidifies its position with competitors who use familiar, but dated, status quo software.
In EyePod Technocast 9B, we shift gears and compare Mobilespeak 4ís newly implemented access to mobile handsets with touch screens, and the innovative approach that Apple has taken in providing access to the iPhone. We discuss both the accessibility and limitations of each approach.
If you have questions about any of the material covered in either podcast, please feel free to contact me. I hope you will find this information both useful and informative as we continue to work together to provide those of us who are vision impaired with the most comprehensive access available.
You may click on, or forward, any of the following links to download these audio podcasts:
EyePod TechnoCast Volume 9A: An Exploration of the Enhanced Text to Speech capabilities present in Mobilespeak 4
MP3 Format: http://www.flying-blind.com/ept/EyePodTechnoCast9A.mp3 (12.3 MB @ 96Kbps)
ZIP Format: http://www.flying-blind.com/ept/EyePodTechnoCast9A.zip (12.2 MB @ 96Kbps)
EyePod TechnoCast Volume 9B: Mobilespeak 4 vs The iPhone: Which Offers Greater Accessibility?
MP3 Format: http://www.flying-blind.com/ept/EyePodTechnoCast9B.mp3 (15.8 MB @ 96Kbps)
ZIP Format: http://www.flying-blind.com/ept/EyePodTechnoCast9B.zip (15.6 MB @ 96Kbps)
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