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Flying Blind, LLC E-News - Volume 1
Current Information on the Adaptive Technology Industry
is always available on the Flying Blind, LLC Website at:

 Welcome To The New Home Of Flying Blind, LLC
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RELEASED ON: June 4, 2007

Browser Address Bar with http://www on it stretched across a backdrop of the world's continents. Greetings!
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the newly-launched Flying Blind, LLC Website.
The new home of Flying Blind, LLC, at, will familiarize you with Flying Blind, LLC, itís mission, company goals, and the projects on which Flying Blind, LLC is currently collaborating.
This new website will also offer you a fresh perspective on the current state of the Adaptive Technology Industry, as well as Flying Blind, LLCís hopes and desires for those of us who are blind, and who wish to better equip ourselves to experience all that the various mainstream technologies have to offer.
Flying Blind, LLC is committed to providing you, the blind consumer, service provider, purchasing agent, or distributor/manufacturer of Adaptive Technology, with the necessary guidance to optimize the services and/or products that you provide and/or buy.
Flying Blind, LLC also looks forward to learning from you as well, as we work together to shape the direction of the Adaptive Technology Industry.
Flying Blind, LLC is about seizing opportunities by empowering its customers through the optimization and utilization of both currently established and emerging Adaptive Technologies that parallel the trends evidenced within mainstream development efforts.
Flying Blind, LLC seeks to accept nothing less than the complete solutions that those of us who are blind so rightfully deserve.
With Flying Blind, LLC, the sky is definitely the limit!
I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit this website, and we at Flying Blind, LLC look forward to serving you in the days to come!
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC

 What Are The Advantages Of Doing Business
 With Flying Blind, LLC?

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RELEASED ON: June 4, 2007

The following are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by clients who currently collaborate with Flying Blind, LLC:
Small, Flying Blind, LLC Logo Icon Used As A Bullet Over fifteen years of professional experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors of the Adaptive Technology Industry.
Bullet Company Founder has been a user of Adaptive Technologies since their birth in the late 1970s.
Bullet Exceptional product management and project management expertise for creating new business development initiatives.
Bullet Precise and objective evaluation and optimization of current business model.
Bullet Incomparable ability to identify and efficiently service specific market segments through appropriate product and service positioning and placement.
Bullet Company motives are driven strictly through success-oriented solutions.
Bullet An unwavering commitment to removing barriers imposed by mainstream technologies within educational, vocational, community, and residential settings by implementing the necessary strategies and adaptations to access these technologies.

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