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EyePod TechnoCast Volume 11: An Exploration of the BraillePen12 and BraillePen Slim
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RELEASED: February 7, 2011

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of the EyePod Technocast Flying Blind, LLC introduces you to the BraillePen12 and the BraillePen Slim (, two Braille input/output solutions with 12 refreshable Braille cells and a Perkins-style Braille keyboard for text input with navigation through a variety of desktop and mobile computer applications.
BraillePen12 is priced at US$995.00 and is the first refreshable Braille device to be priced under US$1,000.00 for devices with 12 or more refreshable Braille cells. Alternatively, the BraillePen Slim, a Braille input device without any refreshable Braille cells yet parallels the functionality of the BraillePen12, is priced at US$299.00.
In this podcast Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC describes the BraillePen's hardware design and various uses as well as demonstrates the ease and efficiency of using BraillePen with both a smartphone as well as Apple's iPad.
BraillePen is manufactured by Harpo (, a Polish-based manufacturer and distributor of solutions for the vision impaired for over 30 years. Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to partner with Harpo and it's North American based importer, Aroga ( to promote the use of BraillePen in a variety of educational and community settings. For more information about BraillePen or to purchase BraillePen, please e-mail or call +1 (216) 381-8107.
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EyePod TechnoCast Volume 11: An Exploration of the BraillePen12 and BraillePen Slim
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