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Are You An Adaptive Technology Trainer? Flying Blind, LLC Invites You to Join us by Donating 10 Minutes of Your Time

Released: 1/31/2012

Flying Blind, LLC Logo. Empowerment Through Technology. Flying Blind, LLC is currently involved in a number of adaptive technology training initiatives designed to optimize adaptive technology training service delivery on a national level. It is our continuing mission at Flying Blind, LLC to provide all vision impaired persons with the necessary products, information, and services that will make their adaptech journey as fulfilling as possible.
We feel strongly that the only way to do this is to solicit input from those of you who are already adaptive technology trainers. Only with feedback from those of you who already provide this exemplary service can we hope to attain the type of direction we require to move forward on a number of national training projects which are currently in play.
We invite those of you that are currently providing adaptive technology training services, as well as those of you that have provided these services in the past, to donate 10 minutes of your time in completing the enclosed survey.
All responses are 100% confidential, and, should you choose to provide your name, email address, and the State in which you reside, you will be strongly considered as a potential resource for both Flying Blind, LLC and its partners as we become more involved in trainer procurement to provide what may become the most comprehensive and exemplary adaptive technology training initiative our industry has ever offered on a National basis. Excited? So are we. And we look forward to hearing what you've got to say.
Flying Blind, LLC Survey For Adaptive Technology Trainers:

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