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E-Blink ShowCase: Winter 2009 Specials

E-Blink ShowCase Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer the following items in our E-Blink ShowCase, your source for affordable, refurbished equipment manufactured by this industryís leaders.
If you have questions about, or are interested in purchasing any of the products listed below, please contact us at or call +1 (216) 381-8107.
Flying Blind, LLC accepts all major credit cards, PayPal transactions, and Bank Certified Checks.
Please note that all products are available only while supplies last, so hurry!

Photo of the BrailleSense 32
One BrailleSense 32 for US$2,995.00!
This is an amazing bargain which offers you a hardly used, 32 cell, state-of-the-art notetaker for over 40% off its suggested list price.
Itís the only notetaker on the market with a built-in visual display along with an attachable battery that can be easily replaced. And, the BrailleSenseís countless applications allow you to independently complete everyday tasks while enjoying a variety of audio and Braille media.
Technical Details Here: Braille_Sense_Brochure.pdf

Photo of the BrailleConnect 24
One Brailliant 24 for US$1,995.00!
This 24 cell Braille terminal is the perfect display for individuals requiring portability while offering enough Braille cells to access either a laptop PC or an accessible cellular phone. This unit offers both USB and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and ships with a 90 day extended warranty.
Technical Details Here: id_32/brailliant_24.html

Photo of the Braille Voyager
One Braille Voyager 40 Cell Refreshable Braille Terminal for US$1,895.00!
We are selling this Braille Voyager Terminal for over 50% off its suggested list price!
This economic solution for professionals "on the go" is being sold for almost 50% off its suggested retail price. Itís USB interface enables the user to use the display without a power supply on either a laptop or desktop PC, and its ergonomically positioned Braille keys and thumb-keys enable the user to perform most navigation commands without moving his/her hands from the Braille display, thus maximizing the userís productivity.
*Laptop not included.
Technical Details Here:

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