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FB-Eye Spotlight: Povidi

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo Povidi:
In this edition of the FB-Eye Spotlight, we introduce you to Povidi, Orientation from "Down Under"!
Itís been said: "It doesnít matter where you've been, but where you're going." SoundPost enables those of us who are blind to "get to where we are going" by efficiently and easily orienting us to where we are, and which direction we need to travel.
Povidi Company Logo SoundPost is an orientation device whereby a base station is mounted to a location such as an entry-way, stairway, escalator or bus stop. The user, equipped with a hand control can easily locate the base station either through the emission of audible tones, vibrations, or audible phrases which can be programmed into the base station. It is not a GPS solution, nor does it circumvent the need for a mobility tool such as a white cane or a service animal.
SoundPost runs off of off-the-shelf batteries which only need to be changed once per year in the base station. And, it plans to enter the market at a price point affordable for large institutions, government agencies, and end users.
SoundPost is on the brink of entering the market in 2009, and Flying Blind is honored to be partnering with SoundPost in the hopes that their entrance into the market will truly better our vision-impaired community.
Feel free to visit the SoundPost website link above; this link, and additional information, can also be accessed within various sections of the Flying Blind, LLC Website.

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