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EyePod TechnoCast Volume 8:
Flying Blind, LLC Introduces You to NetECHO
An All New Internet Access Alternative!

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of the EyePod Technocast we showcase NetECHO, a web application developed by Internet Speech (
Internet Speech Logo What distinguishes the NetECHO application from any other web browser today is that it does not require a PC or mobile phone, web browser, or screenreader in order to use the application. Amazed? I was. NetECHO delivers a variety of web content through any telephone, land-based, LAN-based, or cellular. The user simply subscribes to the service, dials a number, enters a user name and password, and then utilizes the self-voicing application either by issuing voice commands to NetECHO, or by driving its performance via the telephone keypad.
In this podcast demonstration Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Larry Lewis, takes us on a tour of NetECHO, and illustrates, step-by-step, how this solution makes it possible to browse the internet, perform web searches, and send and receive e-mail, all without a PC or accessible mobile device. This innovative new technology now makes web content available to millions of users who would prefer, or have a specific need to, access web content via a telephone, a device both widely available and ubiquitously familiar.
Finally, if after hearing the podcast you decide that NetECHO might be the right choice for you or your organization, Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer its customers the ability to purchase monthly subscriptions to NetECHO using the following link:
Alternatively, you may also e-mail or call +1 (216) 381-8107 to ensure that you are purchasing the best option to meet your specific web-browsing needs.
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