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E-Blink ShowCase: Autumn 2009 Specials

E-Blink ShowCase Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer the following items in our E-Blink ShowCase, your source for affordable, refurbished equipment manufactured by this industry’s leaders.
If you have questions about, or are interested in purchasing any of the products listed below, please contact us at or call +1 (216) 381-8107.
Flying Blind, LLC accepts all major credit cards, PayPal transactions, and Bank Certified Checks. Please note that all list prices do not include shipping and handling.
All products are available only while supplies last, so hurry!

Photo of the PAC Mate 40 Cell Portable Braille Display
One PAC Mate 40 Cell Portable Braille Display for US$1,995.00!
This rarely used, simplistic, yet robust low-cost Braille alternative connects seamlessly to a desktop or laptop PC and offers a great deal of versatility and flexibility for the individual who desires portability and ease of use.
Technical Details Here:

Photo of the PowerBraille 65
One PowerBraille 65 for US$995.00!
We are selling this longstanding Braille Terminal which has been historically chosen as the federal Braille display of choice by many Federal agencies for a fraction of its original list price!
Technical Details Here:

Photo of a PacMate Omni
One PacMate Omni for US$1,595.00!
This speech-only, portable alternative to the Windows Mobile operating system combines instant on/off access with an easy to use QWERTY keyboard and speech output providing the user limitless possibilities using today's mainstream portable applications prevalent on both college campuses and within employment settings.
Technical Details Here:

Photo of the Alva 380 Refreshable Braille Terminal
One Alva 380 Refreshable Braille Terminal for US$1,295.00!
This is a fantastic bargain for a tried and true 85 Cell Braille Terminal. This product is in excellent working condition and can be easily set up to run with today’s most popular screenreaders.
Technical Details Here:

Photo of the Pac Mate QX400
One Pac Mate QX400 (Classic Model) for US$895.00!
We are pleased to offer the World's first accessible Windows Mobile device designed for persons who are blind at a price close to that of an accessible, off-the-shelf PDA.
This speech-only solution touts all of the functionality of the classic Windows Mobile platform while offering many of the same JAWS For Windows commands via its QWERTY keyboard that users are already familiar with executing when using a PC, thus lessening the overall learning curve.
Technical Details Here: fs_products/PACmate_qx400.asp

If you represent a manufacturer, agency, organization, or conscientious user of Adaptive Technology wishing to have your previously operated technologies represented in a future E-Blink ShowCase, please contact us at to discuss placement within future Flying Blind, LLC Newsletters.

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