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President's Message

Photo of Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. smiling, with a beautiful blue sky in the background of the photo. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Greetings, and a Happy 2009 from the Flying Blind, LLC Team and its affiliates. We trust that you all had a safe and blessed holiday season, and have recharged the batteries for what promises to be an exciting, prosperous, and rewarding 2009!
Welcome to the first Newsletter from Flying Blind to kick off the New Year. In this issue, the FB-Eye Spotlight introduces you to Povidi, a start-up company with an evolving adaptive solution that Flying Blind is assisting in bringing to market. We have some great refurbished products for sale in our E-Blink Showcase. And in this installment of the Eyepod Technocast we give you a detailed snapshot of the Talking Tactile Tablet, its functionality, and some of its corresponding materials. We also have a few interesting FB-Notes to conclude the newsletter.
So make yourself comfortable, and enjoy. As always, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please e-mail them to me directly at
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC

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