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FB-Eye Spotlight: The Mark Taylor CandleShore Blog

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo The Mark Taylor CandleShore Blog
In this issue of FB-Eye Spotlight, rather than promote a company, agency, or organization who provides products and services for the visually impaired, we thought it would be a nice change to promote an individual who makes immeasurable contributions with his product knowledge of mobile technologies which are invaluable to those of us who use accessible screenreaders for PDAs and cellular phones, particularly, the Mobilespeak suite of mobile screenreaders.
Were pleased to introduce you to: The Mark Taylor CandleShore Blog.
Ive been using Mobile Technologies for over four years, and I am both amazed and eternally grateful for the time and effort this gentleman puts into updating this Blog on a regular basis with incredibly useful information:
Small, Flying Blind, LLC Logo Icon Used As A BulletLearn about a utility that converts standard web-pages into a navigable Mobile web surfing experience.
BulletCount the calories of your favorite fast food items using your Mobile phone.
BulletSearch for an assortment of prescription and non-prescription medicines over your Mobile phone.
BulletAccess a free spellchecker on your Mobile phone.
BulletPerform book-keeping applications using your Mobile phone.
BulletAnd so much more.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Taylor for all of his hard work, and his passion for sharing his wealth of knowledge with the rest of us. I would encourage all of you to check out this fantastic Blog.