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FB-Eye Spotlight: Leader Dogs For The Blind

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo Leader Dogs For The Blind
In this edition of the FB-Eye Spotlight, we introduce you to Leader Dogs for the Blind. Aside from the fact that Leader Dogs is one of the oldest guide dog training facilities in the United States, with over 13,500 graduates, this organization has developed a number of curricula that provide Extended Services to persons who are vision impaired, beyond the scope of dog guide travel.
Leader Dogs for the Blind Logo Its GPS Training affords participants the opportunity to unleash the power of the Trekker and Breeze GPS systems to orient themselves to their surroundings.
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Its Technology Training Program affords willing and qualified vision impaired people the opportunity to develop real-life skills in the workplace.
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Leader Dog’s Orientation and Mobility Program provides a solid foundation for the vision impaired traveler who wishes to one day apply for a guide dog.
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And its Universities Program ensures that students studying to train persons who are vision impaired in orientation and mobility skill building receive the hands-on training required to effectively interact with visually impaired students who use guide dogs.
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These services are excellent compliments to Leader Dogs' 70+ years of exemplary dog guide service and commitment. Please feel free to visit the Leader Dogs Website and donate today.