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Introducing You To Guide Hands-Free

Phoyo of a man sitting in front of a PC with Guide Hands-Free installed. Welcome to Guide Hands-Free, the world’s first speech output/input screen magnification productivity tool.
Looking for an application that enables you to complete today’s most popular computer tasks? Look no further!
Guide Hands-Free gives you the option of using a menu driven keyboard command structure to read and write e-mails, surf the web, manage one’s finances, scan and read hard copy print, record memos, organize appointments and contacts, and so much more!
Or, easily train Guide’s speech recognition software so that you can speak commands to your Guide-equipped PC as well as dictate text that Guide transcribes into your application of choice!
Guide is for the PC user wishing to avoid the complexities of Windows, but still leverage the applications borne out of the Windows environment to perform relevant day-to-day tasks.
It is also designed to provide hands-free, speech input capabilities to persons whose multiple impairments hinder them from using a PC keyboard.
For more information about this innovative approach to PC access, please visit the following link to view a comprehensive presentation on Guide Hands-Free: GuideHandsFree-DEMO-HQ.wmv
Also, feel free to contact Electronic Vision Access Solutions (, the US Distributor of Guide Software by e-mail at
Or by phone at +1 (800) 872-3827 and someone will be happy to follow up with you with more information; and don’t forget to mention that you read about Guide in the Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletter!