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Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the book "Nickieís Nook, Sharing the Journey", written and self-published by Nickie Coby, a young lady who is an aspiring author and is a blind user of numerous adaptive technologies.
This is an excellent read and is comprised of essays, Blog posts, stories, and journal style posts. It mostly discusses blindness, chronic pain, disability issues, and life with her guide dog, Julio!
To learn more about, and to order this inspiring collection, please visit
Electronic copies of this book cost $9.00 USD and hard copy print and large print versions cost $16.00 USD.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC will be formalizing a number of online and onsite training initiatives focusing on providing the highest quality training for the products that it endorses and will have some exciting training initiatives to announce this Fall.
For all of your Adaptive Technology Training needs, please E-Mail

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to announce that itís Founder, Larry Lewis, will be featured as a contributing author in the September Issue of AccessWorld.
Stay tuned for this issue of AccessWorld where Lewis unveils his thoughts about Wireless Refreshable Braille Access, his opinions on projected market shifts, and his take on the three leading manufacturers of Wireless Braille hardware.

Thank you for reading Volume 3 of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News. We hope that youíve found it both enjoyable and useful.