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FB-Eye Spotlight: Desktop Braille Publishing

FB-Eye Spotlight Logo In this installment of the FB-Eye Spotlight we turn our attention to Desktop Braille Publishing, an organization based in Fresno, California committed to providing inclusion for persons who are Braille readers within one’s Church.
Desktop Braille Publishing, is a not-for-profit organization who transcribes a variety of books and literature for individuals wishing to participate within churches which are a part of the American Baptist Association.
Desktop Braille Publishing Logo So often, the word “inclusion” is used when referring to educational and vocational environments. Desktop Braille Publishing freely provides its printed message in alternative Braille formats readily available to those wishing to receive these materials.
Flying Blind, LLC is both humbled and privileged to donate a complimentary portion of this newsletter to promote the exceptional work done by Desktop Braille Publishing, and encourages Braille readers everywhere to utilize the services provided by this organization.
Flying Blind, LLC also encourages those of you who may feel obliged to make charitable contributions in support of the ongoing efforts of Desktop Braille Publishing to visit their website and please do so.