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ALVA 544 Satellite Classic Braille Terminal

Photo of the ALVA 544 Satellite Classic Braille Terminal The advanced ergonomic styling and superior control features of the ALVA Satellite series have elevated this award-winning product to the top of the braille display market. Recipient of the prestigious International If Design Award, the Satellite's twin "satellite" keypads provide direct control of speech and Windows functions. In a clean, low profile case with USB ports, double touch cursors, user definable status cells and an internal power supply the Satellites are in a class by themselves.
The ALVA 544 Satellite Classic includes twin satellite key pads, double touch cursors, 40 reading cells, three status cells, USB hub (one in, two out) serial port, internal power supply, rechargeable AA Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and a custom designed backpack/carrying case. The Satellite Classic is perfect fit for people that need portability and a battery supply that will keep it going for hours upon hours.