Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC Launches On-Site and Distance Training Services
Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to be offering formal training to agencies, organizations, and end users on all of the industry’s adaptive hardware and software, speech and Braille solutions, as well as most low-vision products. In addition, Flying Blind, LLC is offering training on many of today’s mainstream, Microsoft-based applications.
Flying Blind, LLC’s founder, Larry Lewis, has an extensive background in education and is a strong proponent of formalizing teaching methodologies that offer an enjoyable and productive training experience for each student. In this vein, Mr. Lewis has assembled a team of trainers that mirror his commitment to offering exemplary training in a most caring and responsive manner.
Flying Blind, LLC offers these fee-for-service trainings either on-site, via telephone, or via one’s preferred audio chat client. For more information on these services, or to purchase training, please send an e-mail to: training@flying-blind.com.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Mr. Lewis Begins Personal Blog
This final FB-Note is of a personal nature. Rarely do we stray from the topic of adaptive technology here, which is Flying Blind, LLC’s core competency, but over the last couple of months, on a number of service-related listservs, Mr. Lewis has repeatedly come across the recurring discussion regarding persons who are blind, and physical fitness. Especially among school-aged students, physical education and physical fitness is often an afterthought for the blind participant, and many questions from service providers have been raised regarding incorporating physical activity and wellness into the lives of their vision impaired clientele.
Mr. Lewis has been involved in a wide variety of physical activities over the years, but none have excited and inspired him more than his journey to learn the martial art of Gracie-Style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a journey that began for him just a few years ago. This Martial Art is optimal for persons who are vision impaired because by its very nature participants are in such close proximity to one another. You can read more about Gracie Jiu Jitsu by visiting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracie_Jiu_Jitsu#Origin.
The discussions on these listservs, coupled with some other motivators, have inspired Mr. Lewis to begin blogging about his journey. In this blog, Mr. Lewis will be documenting his perspective as a blind participant in Royler Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while sharing with you many of his experiences training at different academies around the country. He’ll also offer his perspective, as well as his very own struggles, questions, and achievements, necessary to further improve his skill set.
We invite you to share in Mr. Lewis's journey at http://gracie-blindjits.blogspot.com/ as it is updated with new posts and commentary. Or, feel free to simply share this link with an interested client, friend, or family member.

We thank you for reading this edition of the Flying Blind, LLC Newsletter. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail us at enews@flying-blind.com.

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