EyePod TechnoCast Volume 7:
The Talking Tactile Tablet

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of the EyePod Technocast, we introduce you to the Talking Tactile Tablet, or TTT.
This hardware does an amazing job of conveying a variety of information to the end user using tactile graphics and audio feedback.
Photo of the Talking Tactile Tablet So come join us as we explore the TTT, learn how it works, and play a few games in the process. This podcast will illustrate how the TTT can be used as a fantastic vehicle for learning as well as offer the user and his/her classmates, friends, and/or family a great way to have some serious fun!
The TTT and itís accompanying materials and applications are manufactured and developed by Touch Graphics, Inc. @ http://www.touchgraphics.com. For more information about this equipment, feel free to contact us at enews@flying-blind.com.
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