President's Message

Photo of Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. smiling, with a beautiful blue sky in the background of the photo. Greetings!
And welcome to another edition of the Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletter. I can’t believe that June is upon us, and that we’re gearing up for yet another summer.
To heat things up for you, we have some exciting information in this newsletter.
In this issue, we introduce you to Guide Hands-Free, the world’s first speech output/input and screen magnification productivity tool for the PC user who just wants to efficiently complete many of today’s popular tasks.
In Volume 5 of our EyePod Technocast, we explore how the latest versions of Serotek’s System Access Mobile Network and HumanWare’s Victor Stream softwares work together to provide some innovative options for users of both products.
As usual, we have some incredible deals on some refurbished Adaptive Technologies in our E-Blink Showcase. And we feature an incredibly rich online resource for today’s mobile phone user in our installment of FB-Eye Spotlight.
So pour yourself a cold drink, turn on a fan or two, and enjoy this edition of the Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletter.
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC