E-Blink ShowCase: Fall 2008 Specials

E-Blink ShowCase Logo Flying Blind, LLC is pleased to offer the following items in our E-Blink ShowCase, your source for affordable, refurbished equipment manufactured by this industry’s leaders.
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Please note that all products are available only while supplies last, so hurry!

Photo of the Mountbatten Writer
One Mountbatten Writer for US$795.00!
Manufactured by Quantum Technology, this is a fantastic Braille writing tool which introduces the blind student to the fundamental necessity for developing braille literacy skills by reinforcing Braille writing with digital, audio output. And, it’s priced at a comparable price to its mechanical predecessor, the Perkins Brailler.
Technical Details Here:

Photo of the Alva 380 Refreshable Braille Terminal
One Alva 380 Refreshable Braille Terminal for US$1,295.00!
This is a fantastic bargain for a tried and true 85 Cell Braille Terminal. This product is in excellent working condition and can be easily set up to run with today’s most popular screenreaders.
Technical Details Here:

US$1,295.00 Each
Photo of the BrailleConnect (VarioConnect) 12 Compact Refreshable Braille Terminal
Three BrailleConnect (VarioConnect) 12 Compact Refreshable Braille Terminals for US$1,295.00 Each!
Three BrailleConnect (VarioConnect) 12 Compact Refreshable Braille Terminals manufactured by Baum Retec. All three displays tout ergonomics and portability coupled with a state-of-the-art industrial design. This pocket-sized braille display is great for portable usage with an accessible cellular phone or for spot-reading using a portable laptop.
Technical Details Here:

Photo of the BrailleConnect 24
One BrailleConnect 24 for US$1,995.00!
This 24 cell option provides the user with portability, yet enough Braille cells to affectively access a PC.
Technical Details Here:
http://www.humanware.com/en-usa/products/braille_and_speech/braille_displays/_details/ id_32/brailliant_24.html

Photo of the BrailleConnect 32
One BrailleConnect 32 for US$2,295.00!
This 32 cell alternative is a fantastic portable option for PC usage.
Technical Details Here:
http://www.humanware.com/en-usa/products/braille_and_speech/braille_displays/_details/ id_76/brailleconnect_32.html

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