EyePod TechnoCast Volume 6:
Alva Braille Controller: A New Generation of Refreshable Braille Solutions

EyePod TechnoCast Logo In this installment of our EyePod Technocast, we give you a tour of the Alva Braille Controller, it’s product philosophy, and its many different functionalities and uses.
Photo of the Alva BC640 The name Alva is to Braille displays what Mercedes is to automobiles, and this sixth generation of Alva’s product offering surpasses its first five stellar efforts by far. Come join Larry Lewis as he gives an in depth overview of:
Small, Flying Blind, LLC Logo Icon Used As A BulletThe Alva Braille Controller operating as a stand-alone notetaker
BulletThe Alva Braille Controller accessing Mobilespeak-equipped cellular phones
BulletThe Alva Braille Controllers “Alva Explorer” utility
BulletThe Alva Braille Controller as a USB storage device
BulletThe Alva Braille Controller’s direct U3 access to Windows,
BulletAnd the Alva Braille Controller’s USB and wireless access to a PC.
This is a fairly lengthy podcast, but well worth the listen. For any comments or questions regarding this revolutionary approach to refreshable Braille access, please contact us either by telephone or e-mail.  
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