President's Message

Photo of Mr. Larry L. Lewis, Jr. smiling, with a beautiful blue sky in the background of the photo. Greetings!
And welcome to another edition of Flying Blind, LLCís E-Newsletter. I trust that those of you in the United States remembered to set your clocks forward one hour and are off to a terrific week!
From my perspective, Spring canít come soon enough for those of us who live in Northeast Ohio, USA!
In this edition of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News, the FB-Eye Spotlight showcases a company within this industry who is the only organization to solely offer comprehensive, consolidated, helpdesk service for both adaptive and mainstream technologies to persons who are disabled.
We also introduce you to a vision impaired business owner who celebrates over ten years of success serving persons who are vision impaired throughout Connecticut and surrounding States.
This monthís E-Blink Showcase will feature some exceptional bargains for the avid Braille reader, and weíll conclude with news about some Flying Blind, LLC Presentations that occur this month.
I hope that you find this edition of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News both informative and enjoyable.
For questions about any of the information covered in this newsletter, please feel free to e-mail me at
Also, your feedback regarding possible future material covered in these newsletters is always welcome.
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC