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Breaking News! Code Factory, whose products are endorsed and used by Flying Blind, LLC announces its new “User-Centered Licensing” Scheme, once again setting new standards for access to mainstream applications and hardware.
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CodeFactory Logo Code Factory Launches User-Centered Licensing For Its Software Running On The Windows Mobile® Platform
New Licensing Method enables Activation Anytime From Anywhere, Free Movement of Licenses Between Devices, and more!
Terrassa Spain - October 1, 2007, Today, Code Factory, the global leader in mobile software development for the blind and visually impaired, announces that it is introducing a new licensing method for its products running on the Windows Mobile operating system, providing its users with unparalleled flexibility in how they activate and use the software they purchase.
Formerly, users of Code Factory products for Windows Mobile licensed their devices using a serial number generated by the device. This serial number was sent to Code Factory and a license code received which allowed the device to run the software. This device-based licensing method made it necessary to activate the device manually, by entering long codes, from the PC or device, to charge a small fee to move from one device to another, and to enter a new serial number whenever a new product or enhancement was purchased.
All these drawbacks have been overcome with the new licensing method. User-centred licensing, where the product is licensed to the user and not to any particular device, allows users to activate their mobile device anytime and anywhere through their PCs, via the internet from the device itself, or by sending an SMS/text message. Users can now move their licensed software from device to device free of charge an unlimited number of times. There is no need to enter any codes into the device itself, the process is entirely automated and all the user need do is initiate the request for an activation.
"Our products support the largest number, and widest range, of mobile devices in the AT industry," says Eduard Sánchez Palazón, C.E.O. of Code Factory. "Our customers demand flexibility in the way they use their software and hardware, and that's what this new licensing system is all about. Users of our products can now activate their software wherever and whenever they like, they can activate quickly and easily and, most importantly of all, they're able to keep up, free of charge, with increasingly innovative mobile devices."
Larry Lewis, President of Flying Blind, agrees: "In an industry where it's fashionable for companies to charge customers thousands of dollars to update proprietary solutions that are out of date within months of being released, it's both mind-blowing and refreshing for those of us who are vision impaired to benefit from such an innovative approach to portable information management. I've been an exceedingly satisfied Mobile Speak customer for over three years, and compared to the costs that I accrued when I used a legacy notetaker, have spent a minimal amount in phone upgrade fees to move between four different mobile phones. But I'm both excited by, and impressed with, this incredible news and what it means for those of us who are blind and use mobile applications!"
Code Factory will be releasing version 2.0 of Mobile Speak for Pocket PCs and Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile Smartphones in the coming weeks. This will be a free upgrade for all current users. Upon the release of version 2.0 of each product, all current users will have the opportunity to migrate to the new licensing system. Users will be able to activate, deactivate, and reactivate their software using a PC with an Internet connection, wireless internet and/or cellular internet access directly from their mobile device, or through SMS text messaging. To read in greater depth about the many advantages of the new licensing method, visit:
About Code Factory
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Terrassa/Barcelona, Spain, Code Factory is the global leader committed to the development of products designed to Eliminate barriers to the accessibility of mobile technology for the blind and visually impaired. Today, Code Factory is the leading provider of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and braille interfaces for the widest range of mainstream mobile devices including Symbian-based and Windows Mobile-powered Smartphones as well as Pocket PC phones and PDAs. Its product line is the only one to support phones working on the GSM, CDMA and WCDMA networks. Code Factory's success lies in giving excellent customer support and in responding immediately to the needs of its end users. Among our customers are well-known companies and organizations like ONCE, and carriers such as TMN, Vodafone, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and AT&T. Our partners enable us to provide excellent text-to-speech, in many languages, for Mobilespeak products and to incorporate support for over twenty wireless braille devices into our software.
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