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Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is excited to announce a partnership between Flying Blind, LLC and Incentive Selections, a New Jersey-based provider of customizable, web-based rewards platforms for employers and/or manufacturers wishing to reward specific, defined behaviors of its employees and resellers.
Flying Blind, LLC’s founder, Larry L. Lewis, Jr. is honored to be driving this company’s sales and marketing efforts.
Stay tuned for more information about Incentive Selections in upcoming Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletters.
You can visit Incentive Selections on the web at: www.incentiveselections.com.

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Flying Blind, LLC is both humbled and appreciative to have been given a forum in the September 2007 Issue of AccessWorld, the American Foundation for the Blind’s Online Publication dedicated to the Adaptive Technology Industry, products, and emerging trends and practices.
Visit the link below to read “Connecting the Dots: Life Beyond Notetakers”, authored by Flying Blind, LLC Founder Larry L. Lewis, Jr. who shares his perspectives on wireless refreshable Braille access, notetaking, and mobile screenreading technology:

Flying Blind, LLC Logo Due to the success of its E-Blink Initiative, Flying Blind, LLC is considering the adoption of an E-Commerce platform that would be integrated into the Flying Blind, LLC website whereby manufacturers and qualified users of adaptive technologies might participate in having a sort of E-Bay-type Forum where they might buy and sell technologies using the Flying Blind, LLC Website as a purchasing and selling vehicle for these transactions.
Please feel free to send us an E-Mail at E-Blink@Flying-Blind.com with your comments and feedback.
It’s important to determine how many individuals might use such a service before making the financial and “sweat equity” investments involved in such an effort. Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!

We thank you for reading this edition of the Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletter and welcome any and all comments and/or suggestions that might assist us in the continued optimization of our educational marketing efforts. Until next time!