TECH EXCHANGE Technology Forum Hosted By The
 Chicago Guild For The Blind

Guild For The Blind Logo. Reads Guild for the Blind. Focused on You. On Friday, November 16th, I'll be speaking at the TECH EXCHANGE Technology Forum hosted by the Chicago Guild for The Blind, located at 180 North Michigan Ave, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60601-7463.
This presentation, entitled "Integrating Technology Into One's Workplace and Community" will focus on the practical strategies and utilization of adaptive technology that can help those of us who are vision impaired overcome barriers within one's community as well as within one's place of employment.
I will be demonstrating three types of adaptive technology that make it possible for me to run my own business. The following solutions will be showcased:
  • Brailleconnect — A wireless braille assistant that can interact with a mobile phone, PC, or PDA.

  • Mobilespeak Smartphone Screen Reader — A way to turn an off-the-shelf Smartphone into an affordable, dynamic notetaker.

  • System Access — A mobile screen reader that makes any PC accessible.
So if you live in the Chicago-land area, please feel free to come and join us for this interactive demonstration.
For more information, please contact Kathy Austin by phone at (312) 236-8569 or by E-Mail at