President's Message

Autumn Leaf Greetings! And welcome to another issue of the Flying Blind, LLC E-Newsletter. We hope that youíve had an enjoyable and relaxing summer, and have made the transition to Fall without any hitches. Itís truly amazing that there are only three months left until we move the clock forward another year!
Firstly, as a point of interest, and due to a number of requests by low vision readers, we have provided a new button within each article header (indicated by the large plus sign) which will launch a version of the article which will be more conducive to our readers who have limited functional vision for access.
For those of you wishing to access Flying Blind, LLC E-News articles via these buttons, please donít be shy about providing me feedback about its readability for you, both from the standpoint of comfort, and efficiency. Itís often challenging for an E-Newsletter and Website to easily accommodate the preferences of non-visual, visually impaired, and sighted readers, but that is our focus at Flying Blind, LLC. Please E-Mail comments to me directly at
In this issue, our FB-Eye Spotlight focuses on a company whose mission is to provide non-profit agencies and for-profit businesses avenues for growth through the U.S. Federal Government.
Our EyePod TechnoCast provides a demonstration of the wildly popular KNFB Reader, and this issueís E-Blink ShowCase ties nicely into this podcast demonstration!
In our FB Tech Tips PodCast, we explore some useful tricks for searching using the Start Menu in Windows Vista. And, we also have some exciting news and points of interest which youíll find in FB Notes.
So make yourself comfortable, try to pull yourself away from that exciting football or baseball playoff game, and enjoy the many exciting and informative articles we have put together for you in this Volume of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News.
I hope you will find this Volume both enjoyable to read, as well as a resource for new information.
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC