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Povidi Releases "My Accessible Google", Non-Visual Access to Google's Calendar Application!
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RELEASED: May 17, 2011

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Immediate Release: Povidi Releases "My Accessible Google", Non-Visual Access to Google's Calendar application!! - Christchurch, New Zealand - Cleveland, OH USA - PR Web

Today, Povidi LTD announced that for the first time users who are visually impaired will now be able to access Google's Calendar Application. Up until now, this robust, online means of organizing one's calendar has been virtually inaccessible to persons who are blind or visually impaired. But no longer thanks to the development efforts of Povidi, a New Zealand-based development firm committed to providing orientation and navigation solutions as well as intuitive access to otherwise relatively inaccessible web-based applications by persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Povidi has created a user interface to Google's Calendar Application that can be freely utilized by visiting Users must first have a Google account; once they sign in and grant this application access to their Google calendar, users may create, store, and review appointments in the same manner as their sighted peers. Povidi was able to accomplish this milestone in the wake of a tragic earthquake that has decimated Christchurch.

"We're delighted with this breakthrough," stated Darryl Sherwood, founder of Povidi. "We're seeing a trend whereby vision impaired computer users are expected to manage and access information in a similar fashion to their sighted peers, and we're keen to explore ways to give them the tools they need to accomplish the tasks they are expected to independently complete."

Flying Blind, LLC is a strategic partner and minority shareholder in Povidi. "I'm ecstatic about the work that Darryl and his team have completed on the Google Calendar," stated Larry Lewis, President of Flying Blind, LLC. "It's a tremendous follow-up effort to Povidi's access on the YouTube front, and I'm confident that we'll find ways to bring Povidi's problem solving skills to a number of other inaccessible applications on the web as well."

The staff at Povidi and Flying Blind, LLC are encouraging all of their customers to give "My Accessible Google" a try and to provide their feedback. For more information about "My Accessible Google", please contact:

Darryl Sherwood, Founder
Povidi LTD

Larry Lewis, President
Flying Blind LLC

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