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2015 Braillepenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest Winning Submission

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Released: 6/25/2015

We Have A Winner! BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest!

After weeks of receiving an overwhelming number of submissions, and after reading through so many great essays and then agonizing over them repeatedly over the last few days, Flying Blind, LLC is ecstatic to announce that we have a winner in the BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest.

Ms. Caitlyn Laster of Belleville, Arkansas is the undisputed winner of the BraillePenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest sponsored by Flying Blind, LLC and has won herself a brand new BraillePen Touch valued at $995.00 USD! Caitlyn will be entering the 10th Grade this Fall at Western Yell County School, and will have the remainder of the summer to benefit from using her BraillePen Touch in a variety of settings!

Caitlyn had some extremely tough competition, and the decision came down to Caitlyn and two other very worthy recipients. But it was Caitlyn that managed to make a most compelling case as to why Braille is important to her, and how she plans to utilize her newly acquired AdapTech companion, which sealed the deal with Flying Blind LLC!

Please feel free to read and share Caitlyn's contest-winning-essay in its entirety below. And stand by for an update and accompanying photo that will be posted to Flying Blind, LLC's Facebook Page sometime this summer letting us all know how Caitlyn is enjoying and using her new BraillePen Touch!

Flying Blind, LLC would like to thank each and every student who took the time to participate in this writing contest. We think you are all winners! For those of you who participated, be sure to look for a note in your inbox with a word of thanks and appreciation from us!

Congratulations Caitlyn! Until next time!

Caitlyn Laster of Belleville, Arkansas wrote:

My name is Caitlyn Laster, and I will be entering the tenth grade at Western Yell County High School. I lost my vision when I was seventeen months old and have been totally blind ever since. I received my first Perkins brailler at the age of three and now use braille every day for my education and other necessities. Currently I use a laptop with Jaws software for my written schoolwork and a Perkins for my math assignments. I also never go anywhere without a notebook with a slate and stylus.

My dream is to be an author, so I am constantly writing down random thoughts and experiences that I might be able to use in a book someday. It may seem a little old fashioned, but the slate and stylus is the best note taking tool I've found. I can't exactly carry my laptop everywhere, and it is extremely difficult to use the touch-screen keyboard on my phone to capture long bits of text. Plus, I absolutely despise automated speech and would much rather read back over my notes in braille than listen to voiceover yammering in my ear.

Winning a BraillePen Touch would make taking notes on the go much easier, as well as enhance my educational experience by allowing me to connect it to my laptop and read my assignments in braille. It would give me full access to my phone without the use of voiceover, which drives me crazy, not to mention my family when they're stuck in a vehicle with me when I've forgotten my headphones. A pocket-sized braille display like the braille pen would fit right in my phone case or connect easily to my computer, giving me full access to my devices without ever having to listen to another robot lady read.

On May 11th 2015 Flying Blind, LLC Announced The Braillepenmanship Giveaway Essay Contest:

Photo of a BraillePen Touch connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth to an iPhone

Attention Students! Win A Brand New BraillePen Touch Refreshable Braille Display! Flying Blind, LLC Presents "The BraillePenmanship Giveaway"!

Flying Blind, LLC and Harpo, the Polish-based manufacturer of the BraillePen and Mountbatten product lines, are offering one lucky student the opportunity to win a brand new BraillePen Touch Refreshable Braille Display valued at $995.00 USD!

Here's how it works: Effective immediately we're offering any full-time vision impaired student the opportunity to draft an essay explaining to us how Braille has, is, and will impact their educational experience within the classroom, and within their community. We would also be interested to know how winning a brand new BraillePen Touch Refreshable Braille Display might impact the ways in which they would use Braille over the summer and in the coming school year.

Essays should be 200-300 words in length and contain the student's name, the school they are/will be attending, current grade level, and an appropriate email and/or phone number for either the vision teacher or parent. Essays may be submitted by email to:

Submit by Email to: Electronic essays may be written within the body of an email or attached to the email message in either Microsoft Word or RTF file formats.

Submit by Snail Mail to: 955 Pembrook Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121. Snail mail essays will only be accepted in hardcopy Braille, with the student using either uncontracted or contracted Braille to transcribe the essay.

Flying Blind, LLC will continue to receive and review essays up until the close of business at 5:00 PM EST on Friday, June 19th 2015. Flying Blind, LLC will announce the winner of "The BraillePenmanship Giveaway" on Monday, June 22nd 2015. All essays will be reviewed by Flying Blind, LLC's President, Larry Lewis, who will make his selection based on essay creativity, grammar, and accuracy. And, there's more. All essay participants will receive a 10% discount and free shipping on all purchases of both new and used Refreshable Braille Solutions within the Flying Blind, LLC Online Store at: (Expires: September 1st 2015). In addition, Flying Blind, LLC will accommodate any and all third party purchasers who tie an essay author's name to any online or offline order received up to September 1, 2015.

Flying Blind, LLC is very excited to offer students of all ages an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing at the end of a very long school year and play an active role in their educational journey by submitting the essay that will win this pocket-sized Refreshable Braille Solution. This is a perfect year-end assignment for vision teachers looking for assignments to stimulate their students or parents wishing to engage their children in a writing exercise that can only increase their literacy and possibly win them a brand new BraillePen Touch in the process! For more information about BraillePen, please visit For additional information regarding the "The BraillePenmanship Giveaway" please email or call +1 (216) 381-8107 today. We look forward to reading your essays, and giving away this portable 12-Cell Braille juggernaut!

Warmest Regards,

The Flying Blind, LLC Team

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