Flying Blind, LLC Introductory Splash Commercial. A hi-tech laptop, already open, appears at center stage. The screen is black. As the music begins the black screen fades to a beautiful blue sky filled with clouds. The clouds are moving, slowly, across the laptop screen from right to left. With the clouds still moving in the background a pair of hi-tech sunglasses slowly emerge from the clouds and are now in center view, with the clouds still moving in the background, which can now be seen through the sunglasses. Slowly, an airplane begins to emerge from the background of each lens of the sunglasses. Small, faint, and out in the distance at first, the planes grow larger and move faster as they move forward, eventually converging into a single plane in the center of the glasses and escaping from within the confines of the sunglasses as well as the laptop screen as the plane fades out of view. Slowly, the glasses return to the clouds from which they came, and the clouds, still moving, fade slowly to a completely white background. From the top left and top right corners of the laptop screen emerge the black silhouettes of two birds, flying slowly toward the center of the screen where they land together with their wings crossed. Six red, individual dots slowly emerge, one right after the other, around the birds in the center to form a complete braille cell with the birds wings sticking out from the center. The company name, Flying Blind, LLC fades in in black below the company logo. The company tagline, Empowerment Through Technology, then fades in in red below the company name. The logo, company name, and company tagline all fade to a white background. In fades the black text, Proceed To Website, with a blinking red right pointing arrow below it. This ends the Flying Blind, LLC Introductory Splash Commercial.