President's Message

Beautiful wreath covered with snow and decorated with red Poinsettas and pine cones. Greetings! And welcome to the final installment of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News for 2007. I canít believe that weíre wrapping up yet another year, and I would like to personally thank all of you who have supported me and the many Flying Blind, LLC efforts over the past twelve months.
Iíd also like to thank those of you who have shared your compliments and constructive feedback regarding our Company Newsletter. Itís been a rewarding and fun process for me, as well as those who have contributed to this effort, and without a great audience such as yourselves the fruits of these efforts would not have been possible.
In this Volume of the Flying Blind, LLC E-News our FB-Eye Spotlight focuses on a company who makes inaccessible computer applications accessible by customizing the application rather than adjusting a given screenreader to make the application accessible.
This Volumeís installment of E-Blink has some insanely rock-bottom specials on refurbished adaptive technologies. And, Iím so excited to be featuring HumanWareís Victor Reader Stream in a new installment of the EyePod TechnoCast!
Weíll be sharing a few FB TechNotes throughout the newsletter as well. So pour yourself a great big glass of Egg Nog, get situated in your favorite Easy Chair, and join us for an entertaining and resourceful newsletter.
To you and yours from Flying Blind, LLC, may you have a joyous and safe Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!
— Larry L. Lewis, Jr.
    President and Founder
    Flying Blind, LLC